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Company Selling Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Angels

Talk about a nightmare before Christmas.

A non-profit organization known as ‘Women to Look Up To’ has released a line of Christmas tree toppers of what they call “inspiring women.”

The tree toppers feature such women as Serena Williams, Beyonce and … multi-election loser, Hillary Clinton.

“Celebrate ‘Resistmas’ this year with these badass women on top of your Christmas tree,” a headline from the Metro screams.


“These are women ‘worthy of wings’ – inspirational icons, ‘beacons of hope,'” the Metro writes.

Excuse me one moment, please …



It’s good to see Hillary accepting yet another participation trophy for the 2016 election. It’s so much better than her being in the White House.

Honestly, if Hillary were at the top of my Christmas tree I’d be concerned that the tree would topple over, the gifts would be redistributed to others, a family member would wind up dead, and it would all be blamed on a YouTube video.

We can see Serena and Beyonce, as they’ve actually won things they’ve competed in before, but Hillary?

Oh, now it’s clear. The company actually thinks she won the election. In a landslide.


The social media mockery was swift and predictably brutal.


How ‘woke’ do you have to be to believe Hillary Clinton would serve as a suitable replacement for a Christmas angel?

If angel Hillary isn’t enough to induce vomiting, the company also offers Christmas cards featuring Michelle Obama with wings.

(Picture: Women To Look Up To)


Should you truly want Hillary to grace your Christmas tree, the topper can be purchased on Etsy for just shy of $120.

Will you be putting Hillary Clinton at the top of your Christmas tree this year? Share your thoughts below!