Video: Comedian Trolls City Council By ‘Recruiting’ Volunteers For ‘World War 3’ In Ukraine

Comedian Trolls City Council By Trying To Get Them To Sign Up For ‘World War 3’

Alex Stein is a comedian known for stunts that go viral, and in his latest, he spoke before city council meeting in Texas on Monday and tried to get the members to sign up for “World War 3” by enlisting in the Ukrainian foreign legion to fight against Russia.

Stein carried out his stunt in Richardson, Texas, to parody Americans who have been demanding further U.S. military involvement in Ukraine by pointing out that they have the ability to immediately join the fight themselves, yet volunteers have been quite scarce.

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‘Sergeant Matthews’ Mocks: ‘You guys don’t realize the power you have as a council member’

Posing as Marcus Matthews, a supposed U.S. sergeant in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, Stein told the council members that he was there to “recruit some of you to go fight in the war in World War 3.”

Stein implored the members, saying that the Ukrainian foreign legion prefers people “with no experience.”

He decried the actions of Russia, accusing Putin of killing stray animals and cats.

“I’m a vegetarian. I don’t even eat meat. When I see on the TV, and I see a cat burned up from a bomb, it makes me sick!”

“If even just one of you were to consider joining, it could change the whole landscape of the war. You guys don’t realize the power you have as a council member,” Stein mocked.

“Sergeant Matthews” then held up a picture of Ukraine’s president and put on his best Patton impression.

“If one member decides to stand up and do what’s right and fight for this man right here, Volodymyr Zelensky, you can make the difference.”

Stein asked council members whether they would like to “die a nobody” or “die a hero.” 

When the comedian asked the members to sign up – including their name, social security number, mother’s maiden name, and credit card number – no one did.


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Stein: ‘Do you want a nuclear missile coming in your back yard?’

Stein also told them there would be “a small deposit to make sure that we can reserve your spot on this flight.”

“It’s going to give you the ability to defend this country from tyranny, because here in Richardson, Texas, Vladimir Putin is knocking on our door,” he said. “Do you want a nuclear missile coming in your back yard?”

“We need just one councilwoman, one councilman to stand up,” the comedian said.

Again, no one did.

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Before the latest stunt, Stein went before a city council meeting in Plano, Texas to do a satirical rap about the war in Ukraine. 


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