Combat Veteran And Double Amputee Rep Brian Mast Shreds Jake Tapper After CNN Anchor Questions His Patriotism

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Rep. Brian Mast, an Afghanistan war veteran and double amputee, fired back at Jake Tapper after the CNN anchor questioned his patriotism.

Tapper, during a segment covering impeachment proceedings in the House, went low and questioned Mast’s commitment to Democracy as the congressman spoke in opposition to the impeachment of President Trump.

“Congressman Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida – who lost his legs, by the way, fighting for democracy abroad, although I don’t know … about his commitment to it here in the United States,” Tapper told a panel.

Mast repeatedly condemned the Capitol protests that led to Trump’s second impeachment but stated, “I do not believe this conduct rises to the standard necessary for invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment.”

Tapper’s unprovoked attack drew a response from Mast himself.

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Brian Mast Hits Back at Jake Tapper Over His Vile Comments

Jake Tapper, whose closest brush with combat of any kind involved a date with Monica Lewinsky, got an earful for his shameful comments, not the least of which came from Brian Mast himself.

“I lost two legs for [Jake Tapper’s] right to say whatever the hell he wants, but that free speech also protects the Republicans he is so eager to condemn for asking Constitutional questions about the election,” Mast tweeted.

Rather than manning up, Tapper took the cowardly route and doubled down on his comments from behind a keyboard.

“You’re a hero for your service and I’m grateful, as I’ve said before,” Tapper tweeted in reply.

“And yes, I question the commitment to democracy of anyone who spread election lies, signed onto that deranged TX AG lawsuit, and voted to commit sedition,” he added. “You were not just asking questions.”

The only sedition – conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state – over the past four years took place at the behest of the media, CNN in particular.

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Tapper Gets Blasted

Others on social media came to Mast’s defense as well, hammering Tapper for his ill-advised comments.

“This is DISGUSTING,” former Trump campaign social media director Mike Hahn responded. “Is [Tapper] planning on apologizing for this egregious comment?”

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) called the CNN anchor’s comments “repulsive” and “disgusting.”

“Representative Mast, along with myself and many others in Congress and across the country, served in the military so Americans can have freedom of speech, regardless of how repulsive or disgusting it may be,” replied Crawford.

Tapper was on the receiving end of further scorn.

Mast went on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to respond to Tapper’s comments.

“My commitment to democracy and to my country is unwavering, I love this place so much it literally breaks my heart to see the divide that exists in it,” Mast said.

“I love our democracy. For all of our problems there is no government that I would rather be a part of anywhere in this world, and to strengthen that and keep it strong, we have to ask those questions,” he continued.

Mast went on to suggest that anger in this country is rising because certain entities aren’t listening or even debating the concerns of those who question the integrity of the 2020 presidential election – they are simply dismissed out of hand.

“We’ve got to get to the point that we’re saying, ‘This is why I think something,’ now I can say, ‘This is why I think you’re wrong,’ and we can have a real debate and hopefully you end up learning something about each other instead of just coming away with two people that are pissed off.”

It should be noted that Tapper’s concerns regarding interference in the democratic process only apply to President Trump.

He was, after all, caught interjecting in a House race in Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district, where he tried to convince Republican Sean Parnell not to run against Democrat incumbent Connor Lamb in 2019, and instead find a different district to run in.

It seems the only person whose commitment to Democracy needs questioning is Tapper.

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