Colin Kaepernick Whines About Capitalism Despite Having ’40M’ Fortune And ‘5.4M’ Mansion

Colin Kaepernick
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The former NFL star turned radically liberal activist Colin Kaepernick is speaking out this week to whine about capitalism despite being worth an estimated $40 million and living in a $5.4 million mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kaepernick Whines About Capitalism

Daily Mail reported that while promoting a new book on black studies that he co-edited with two renowned Marxist scholars, Kaepernick claimed that black liberation is not possible under a capitalist system. He also stood by working with the Marxists Robin D.G. Kelley and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor to edit the anthology “Our History Has Always Been Contraband: In Defense of Black Studies.”

Kelley is a UCLA history professor that proudly describes herself as a “Marxist surrealist feminist,” while Taylor teaches African American studies at Northwestern University and is on the board of the International Socialist Review. In an interview with New Republic, Kaepernick was asked about working with “two of the most prominent black Marxists in the country.”

“I’ve long admired Keeanga and Robin’s work as well as their uncompromising political analysis and understanding that Black liberation simply isn’t possible under capitalism,” the former NFL quarterback replied. “I think the anthology makes this argument quite well, and I hope it challenges readers to see that racism is not white supremacy’s only ingredient.”

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Kaepernick On ‘White Supremacy’

“White supremacy persists in part because of its relationship with capitalism, heteropatriarchy, ableism, and so on,” he added, going on to say that “black history and, more generally, a critical engagement with U.S. history, threatens the white supremacist status quo.”

“Any attempt to whitewash the past should actually be understood as a concrete step toward fascism and a desire to build a nation state where power is concentrated in the hands of a self-anointed (read: white) few,” he continued.

This was a reference to Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ (R) efforts to keep critical race theory out of public classrooms. Kaepernick claimed that his book is the type of book that DeSantis wants to ban. The anthology is meant to fight back against DeSantis, saying that “black Studies is a crucial tool in fighting back against a white supremacist political agenda.”

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Kaepernick’s History

This is all very rich coming from Kaepernick, a professional victim who became a household name back in 2016 for taking a knee during the national anthem before his games as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Though he claimed that he was doing this to protest against racial inequality in America, many saw this move as a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag and those who have fought and died for it.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since that 2016 season, but in the years that have followed, he’s amassed a net worth of $40 million by going full woke and bashing America seemingly every chance he gets. For someone who hates capitalism so much, Kaepernick certainly has benefitted from it in a variety of ways.

It’s sad that the left continues to give Kaepernick a platform to spew his woke, anti-American nonsense to the world. If he thinks this country is so awful, perhaps he should take his millions and leave.

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