Colin Kaepernick Humiliated As Former NFL Linebacker Dismisses His Latest Comeback Attempt

Colin Kaepernick
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The woke former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was just humiliated in a big way after an ex-NFL linebacker brutally dismissed his latest comeback attempt.

Kaepernick’s Comeback Chances Trashed

Terence Garvin spent five years playing in the NFL as a linebacker from 2013-2018 for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. While appearing on the “The Arthur Moats Experience with Deke Podcast.” Gavin was asked about Kaepernick posting a video to social media last week in which he touted the possibility of returning to the NFL despite not playing since 2017.

Garvin, however, was not having any of it.

“The senior prom was like 6 years ago, bro! It’s over!” Garvin said. “It’s over, bro. You still trying to be the prom queen. It’s a wrap. You took that money.”

“He pop up this time every year,” he added. “We know you can throw the ball, bro.”

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‘It’s No Winning There’

Garvin went on to explain that there are so many younger quarterbacks out there that it would not be worth it for an NFL team to sign the 35 year-old Kaepernick.

“It’s just nothing to get out of it for them, like for them owners,” Garvin said. “I got the mentality where I understand a little bit of their thought. It’s no winning there. What if you come in here and say something crazy?”

“On top of that, you’ve shown me you’re dangerous,” he continued. “You’d get a rally together. You can’t be leading the troops.”

Garvin then suggested that NFL team owners may be reluctant to sign Kaepernick over his woke antics that saw him take a knee during the national anthem before his games. Though he claimed that he was doing this to protest against racial inequality in America, many saw this as a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag and to those who have fought and died for it.

Moats, who was a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers from 2010-2017, agreed with Garvin’s assessment of Kaepernick, saying, “you can’t get good at football without playing football.”

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Kaepernick Claims To Want NFL Comeback

Kaepernick has not played professional football since the 2016 season, with his final game for the 49ers taking place on January 1, 2017. Despite the many years it has been since he last played in the NFL, Kaepernick claims to be eager to make a comeback.

“I’m going to keep pushing,” Kaepernick alleged back in June, according to Daily Mail. “I’m going to keep fighting for it because I know I can step on the field and play.”

“Every workout, every opportunity I’ve had to show that, the feedback has always been positive,” he added. “Everything from, ‘He’s still an elite player,’ to ‘The workout was great; it was better than expected.'”

When asked in a recent interview if the NFL had “changed for the better,” however, Kaepernick responded by saying that he had not “seen any substantial change.”

“I think there is a lot of work to do on that front. Obviously, not playing and being out of the NFL for six years is an indictment on where they are currently at,” Kaepernick said. “So I wouldn’t put them at the forefront of goodwill and best of intentions in how they operate.”

If Kaepernick really wants to return to the NFL, perhaps he should refrain from publicly attacking the league in this way.

In the end, Kaepernick seems far more interested in being woke and bashing America than he is in playing professional football, so we would not be surprised if Garvin ultimately ends up being correct about his chances of making a comeback.

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