The ratings from the shameless Trump-hating Emmy Awards last night are in. And it’s looking really bad.

In fact, as things stand now, early numbers from the Nielsen Media Research show the 2017 Emmy Awards hosted by Stephen Colbert on CBS will be the lowest rated in the show’s six-decade-long televised history.

In fact, it was so bad that the Emmys were not even the most watched show in that time slot. NBC’s Sunday Night Football had more viewers.

As The Hill reports, “The night also featured actor Alec Baldwin winning an Emmy for his portrayal of the president on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ actress Kate McKinnon winning one for her portrayal of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer appearing to mock himself for his comments in January declaring Trump’s inauguration was the most watched in history.”

And as Breitbart notes, “Last night was yet-another ratings flop for Hollywood’s Beautiful People. As of now it looks as though fewer than 11.3 million viewers tuned in to watch host Stephen Colbert’s hate-fest. That would mean the 69th Emmy telecast had fewer viewers than last year’s 68th, which currently holds the all-time low ratings record.”

This is another clear example why President Trump won. Hollywood, in the era of Trump, has been more political, more divisive, and more bigoted towards normal Americans than ever before. They are hateful and mean-spirited, which is why the Emmys featured endless Trump bashing.

But the American people are paying attention. That’s why America is more “red” than ever before, and there are more states run by Republicans since Reconstruction. Democrats have been wiped out of elected office at all levels. And when it comes to Hollywood, people are voting with their dollars, as movie ticket sales are at record lows.

The Hollywood left just got exactly what it deserves.

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