CNN’s Sally Kohn Pulls Race Card on Donald Trump After She Trolled His Twitter Account and Saw THIS

Tuesday morning on CNN Newsroom, contributor Sally Kohn slammed GOP Presidential Candidate front-runner Donald Trump and his supporters. Whether or not it was sanctioned by the editors/producers of that show, I don’t know, but it was despicable to say the least.

Kohn has a history of these drive-by racist innuendo attacks in a way to “be down with the black cause,” but this was disgraceful! The reason why CNN’s ratings are so low is because they want to be the shock and lies “news” instead of the substance and honesty. In the segment, Kohn mentioned how Trump attacked Mexicans and “suggested that most of the hard working moms and dads coming across the border or coming into this country seeking the American dream are mostly rapists and drug dealers.” Then she pulled the race card on a Trump retweet: 

Part of what he is speaking to is a part of the American public that for the past seven years has felt outraged. They talk about taking the White House back. They’ve talked about, he retweeted, they want the “WHITE” House back. Capital W-H-I-T-E. There is a disaffected, highly radicalized, highly us vs. them part of the American electorate part of the American electorate that he is firing up. Trump is a clown, we should be worried about the people he is talking to.

Oh, how wrong you are Kohn. Trump rose in the polls because he was gutsy enough to say what has been talked about around the kitchen tables, front porches, coffee shops, etc… of the average Joe and Jane American. The public is smart enough to know that there are good people coming over the borders, we don’t have to be told this by anyone. 

Good people do not want to commit crimes against innocent people. It IS the criminal element that is coming over the borders ILLEGALLY that concerns us greatly. These criminals will overwork our police force, ICE, and any other alphabet agency needed to capture them.

Check out this video clip:

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