President Trump uses Twitter while Anderson Cooper uses HuffPost and CNN. Trump is president, Anderson is a TV personality.

Cooper tried to go after Trump and embarrass him about the North Korea situation where President Trump sided with Kim Jong Un who made a displeasing statement about former VP Joe Biden while utilizing the CNN platform to hundreds of his viewers.

But oh, the irony.

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Mr. Cooper, here’s my unbiased response. Please do your job, and let the President do his. As a journalist, you are supposedly trained to view and report the news objectively. Maybe if you reported the news instead of your political views, Trump would not need to use Twitter.

And we might say that Anderson needs to do more research before he spews his hate on his show each day because half the time he has discussed or insinuated things that have been proven wrong with a little more time and research. They both need to do more diligence with their work

“Perhaps [Kim] wants to get attention, and perhaps not,” Trump told reporters. “Who knows? It doesn’t matter.”

Cooper wasn’t satisfied with that reply.

“You know what? The president of the United States should know, and that does matter,” he said. “And if the president doesn’t know, he should take his fingers off the Twitter machine and maybe pick up a briefing book and do something that we all know he rarely does, which is read.” [Huffington Post]

It’s funny, if liberals kept count on the number of lies Anderson and the CNN puppeteers have told in the last two years, they’d make Trump look like a saint!

There was a time I used to watch Cooper as I felt he did a pretty good job of being impartial. Yes, I knew which way he leaned politically, but I did not mind as he never seemed to cross the line. I guess he feels left out watching all of the other opinion anchors (cannot call them true anchors), so he had to join them.

Journalism is a dead art, just like Cooper. He should lay off the comic books and start reading real books.

Where did all the real journalist go the ones that gave you facts and not their opinions of the facts as they see it?