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CNN Released Highest Quality Image of Trump’s Inauguration – The Crowd is Massive

For days, the Trump White House and liberals in the media have been arguing about the massive turnout for President Donald J. Trump’s historic inauguration.

There are debates continuing today about how large the crowds were, compared to Obama’s inauguration in 2008. Of course, Trump supporters had to contend with threats of riots and violence that Obama supporters didn’t.

Obama probably had more people physically in attendance, (Considering Washington, D.C. voted over 90% for Hillary Clinton) but clearly more people watched on television and online, breaking ratings records.

During his first network interview as president with ABC’s David Muir on Wednesday night, President Trump highlighted the “massive” crowd that showed up at his inauguration.

Now, CNN has released a massive, high-quality image of the inauguration. And it has everybody talking.

First, from across the Capitol Building, former President George W. Bush can be seen looking directly into the camera. Wow!

trump inauguration photos

But since the size of the audience is the most important question, do you see how big the crowd REALLY was? These images speak volumes:

trump inauguration photos

trump inauguration photos

trump inauguration photos

It’s clear that the turnout was massive, even with the security risks and limitations due to fencing. Democrats want to pretend the crowd wasn’t huge, but that’s simply not the case.

They are lying, and not even CNN could hide this fact.

What do you think about this massive image from Trump’s inauguration? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.