CNN Ratings Just Hit An Embarrassing New Low – Less Than 1 Million Viewers For Any Show

CNN on Monday was unable to crack the one million viewer mark with any of their shows according to ratings released by Nielsen.

CNN earlier this week was unable to crack the one million viewer mark with any of their shows, an embarrassing new low in the era of President Biden. 

Mediaite generously described Monday as “a rough day in the ratings for CNN” based on ratings released by Nielsen.

The highest-rated show for the network was Chris Cuomo’s Cuomo Prime Time, which garnered 919,000 viewers according to the report.

Cuomo is currently embroiled in a scandal of journalistic integrity as it was revealed that he advised his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and his aides on how to respond to a sexual misconduct scandal.

That was CNN’s top-rated ‘news’ guy.

By contrast, MSNBC’s top program, The Rachel Maddow Show, earned 2.43 million total viewers Monday, while Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight grabbed 2.79 million sets of eyes.

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CNN Ratings Continue Freefall In Biden Era

CNN programming has been in the ratings toilet essentially since President Biden took office or, alternately, since former President Trump left the White House.

Last month, a Fox News report indicated the pro-Democrat network saw their ratings plummet following Trump’s departure, down by over 50 percent across multiple categories since Inauguration Day.

On Tuesday, Fox reported that the ratings for CNN were so bad that “scandal-plagued CNN” was struggling “to remain relevant.”

TV Newser declared that ratings the week of May 17th saw CNN “as a whole shed -11% in total prime time viewers, shed -14% in the prime time demo, -11% in total day viewers and lost -15% in the total day demo from the prior week.”

In total prime time viewers, Fox News more than tripled CNN – 2.1 million to 629,000.

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Don Lemon Stunt Fails Miserably

With Cuomo leading the charge it’s easily understood that other personalities at CNN also struggled mightily to attract ratings.

Fox News delivered this brutal statement regarding the network’s resident media hall monitor, Brian Stelter:

CNN’s left-wing media pundit Brian Stelter managed to set a yearly low yet again as viewers continue to ignore “Reliable Sources.”

Hall monitors don’t like being ignored, so Stelter must be infuriated by his own failures.

Meanwhile, anchor Don Lemon was so desperate to get back on track with his ratings that he essentially faked that he was quitting his show.

Lemon, on his May 14th broadcast, teased the end of his show, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

“It’s been really, really great. This is the last night that will be ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,’” Lemon told viewers after promising a major announcement throughout the day.

“So, I appreciate all the years of ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.’ But changes are coming. And I will fill you in,” he concluded.

Instead, Lemon, after throwing social media into a frenzy, urged viewers to “calm down” before revealing that his show was simply being renamed from CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to Don Lemon Tonight.

NewsBusters analyst Nicholas Fondacaro blasted CNN and Lemon for trying to create buzz over a relatively bland announcement to help generate ratings.

Fondacaro called Lemon’s move “a ridiculous media stunt to get people to tune into his show again.”

Trump has repeatedly referred to Lemon as “the dumbest man on television,” and his rating decline following a desperate publicity stunt does nothing to dispel that notion.

In a rather bold move by fact-checking outlet Politifact, they decided to look into the claim that Lemon was leaving CNN but failed to fact-check Lemon himself for misleading his viewers.

Cuomo has also been caught faking news segments as well, last year staging his emergence from his basement following a quarantine he had already admitted to breaking.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently admitted that journalists are suffering from “post-Trump stress disorder” since Biden entered the White House.

The ratings are going to amplify their symptoms.


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