CNN Presses Carly Fiorina to Attack Pamela Geller, But Her Response Isn’t What the Host Wanted to Hear

Carly Fiorina was being pressed on CNN to attack Pamela Geller instead of the Jihadists who tried to kill people at a free speech gathering in Garland, Texas over the weekend. Fiorina said the gathering was obviously “provocative,” but that it was clearly a terror attack.

Fiorina would not say Geller should not have held the event – which CNN’s Erin Burnett was trying to push her into saying – but she said whether we agree with a person’s speech or not, people are free in this country to express their views.

This is the leftist media’s favorite game. If anything controversial happens, they run to all the GOP candidates and try to make them say whether they agree or disagree. If something controversial happens on the liberal side of the spectrum, there is none of this.

Hillary Clinton would not be asked to say whether she agrees with the statements or actions of controversial figures on the left. It’s how the media tries to hurt Republicans and help Democrats.

This is my reaction to Carly’s response. Her stock just went up for me.

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