CNN Medical Expert: Life ‘Needs To Be Hard’ For Unvaccinated Americans

leana wen life needs to be hard

CNN’s medical analyst Dr. Leanna Wen believes that life “needs to be hard” for Americans who refuse vaccinations.

Wen made her remarks during an interview on CNN on Friday.

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Wen: ‘It Needs To Be Hard For People To Remain Unvaccinated’

“So now we have this delta variant that is much more contagious,” Wen said. “Because it’s more contagious, it’s going to be even harder for us to reach herd immunity.”

“We’re going to have to vaccinate an even higher proportion of people to get there,” she continued.

Wen then said, “What happens, then, if we end up having another variant developing that’s even more contagious, that could cause more disease, that could evade the protection of our immune system?”

Wen, who is also the former president of Planned Parenthood, added, “So how quickly we can get this under control and which way we go depends on what we do now to overcome disinformation. What we really need to do at this point is make vaccination the easy choice.”

“It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated,” Wen emphasized.

Some on social media noted the irony of an “abortion chief,” due to her being the former head of Planned Parenthood,” now being promoted by CNN as a “vaccine chief.”

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Wen: ‘If You Want To Opt-Out, You Have To Sign These Forms, Get Twice Weekly Testing’

Wen then explained during her Friday CNN segment what she meant by wanting to make life harder for Americans who refuse vaccinations.

“Right now, it’s kind of the opposite,” she said. “It’s fine. It’s easy if you’re unvaccinated. You can do anything you want to do anyway.”

“At some point, these mandates by workplaces, by schools, I think it will be important to say, hey, if you want to opt-out, you have to sign these forms, get twice weekly testing,” Wen continued.

“Basically, we want to make getting vaccinated the easy choice,” Wen finished. “That is what it’s going to take for us to actually end the pandemic.”



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