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CNN Surprised by Viewers’ Reaction to Russia Investigation

If you walk up to anybody in America outside the Washington, D.C.-New York City nexus and ask him or her if President Trump colluded with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton, you’d more likely than not be met with a resounding “no.” That’s because most people out in the elite-dubbed “flyover country” know that they weren’t snookered into voting for Trump based off of a few phony Facebook ads. If if the person you ask didn’t vote for Trump, he or she knows their neighbors or relatives weren’t dumb enough to be convinced by anti-Hillary memes designed by basement-dwellers in remote Romanian villages.

Don’t tell that to CNN, of course, whose anchors talk like Jan in the Brady Bunch complaining about her older sister: Russia, Russia, Russia!

CNN has a vested interest in tearing down Trump after he crushed the network’s credibility by hilariously labeling it “fake news’ prior to taking office. That makes it all the more satisfying to watch host Martin Savidge interview Iowa voters and ask for their opinion on whether or not Trump colluded with Russia.

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Daily Wire has the summary of how it went down:

Vicente Javier, a former baseball player, called the investigation a “political witch hunt from the get-go” and a “disgrace.” When asked if he had faith in the FBI, Javier responded, “Hell no. No, absolutely not.”

Savidge concluded the segment by saying that it’s clear from what he has heard from Trump voters across the country that they believe “the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme, that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president.”

Hmm…where is the sad trombone sound button around here? Oh, here it is:

Don’t expect CNN to learn from this interaction and stop devoting an obscene amount of time to a two-year-old investigation that has yet to turn up any evidence of wrongdoing. They’ll keep on chugging along with their anti-Trump narrative because that’s the only thing their dwindling viewership wants.

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