While Democrats are busy making up lies about President Donald J. Trump and Russian leaders, they conveniently forget their candidate for President in 2016 is the most corrupt, unethical politician in the history of American politics.

Now, after keeping silent about Hillary for months, Trump just made a major announcement that should have Hillary Clinton (and Bill) very worried.

Trump used his Twitter account to point out the hypocrisy of the Russian interference investigation, reminding the world of Team Hillary’s close ties to Russia. The Clinton Foundation traded millions of dollars for actions from the former Secretary of State, which resulted in Russian ownership of 20% of America’s uranium mines.

Hillary Clinton’s actions were criminal, and now Trump is focusing a massive spotlight on it! Perhaps Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already looking into it?

Trump is referring to Rosatom, which is Russia’s government-owned energy company along with a Canadian-owned mining company with Clinton Foundation ties.

Uranium One’s owner Frank Giustra, is one of the top donors of the Clinton Foundation, and this activity seems to be a direct pay-for-play activity, where the Secretary of State approved the deal without going through the proper channels.

If Trump would have been busy making massive business deals with Russia while serving in government, he would already be dealing with serious criminal charges. But somehow, Hillary Clinton is at home, writing her book?

I think this is a sign of bad things to come for Hillary Clinton. She better call her lawyer today.

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