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Bill Clinton Fired then US Attorney Jeff Sessions in 1993 – As All New Presidents Do

Over the weekend, the anti-Trump media was furious that Trump’s new Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired 46 Obama-appointed attorneys.

This is actually very routine, and every new administration has the right to make changes and select new appointees who support their policies.

Now, we have proof as to just how biased the media is. Look at this newly discovered letter from 1993, which is from President Clinton’s former Attorney General Janet Reno to Jeff Sessions, who was working as a United States Attorney at the time.

Reno fired 93 attorneys from the Bush and Reagan administrations, and only one of those Republican appointments was spared. This happened in the first year of President Bill Clinton’s White House…

Here is the letter the media doesn’t want you to read:
bill clinton fired 93 us attorneys

The media reported on the firings in a shamefully biased way:

Clinton fired far more attorneys than Trump, but younger voters may not remember the type of massive firings and scandals during the Clinton White House.

As Andrew McCarthy reports, there is nothing scandalous about what Trump and Sessions did:

These policy choices are the stuff of politics. They often weigh heavily in presidential campaigns and elections. Law-and-order issues intimately affect people’s lives. When presidents make promises about them, they must expect to be held accountable. U.S. attorneys are the instruments through which the president exercises his policy discretion. That is why they are political appointees. They do not have power of their own. Under our Constitution, all executive power is reposed in the president alone. Every officer of the executive branch is thus a delegate. The U.S. attorney exercises the president’s power and can be removed at the president’s will.

It is only natural, then, that a president will want his power wielded by his own appointees, whom he trusts to carry out his policy program. And it thus follows that, when there is a transition between administrations that see the world, and the Justice Department’s role in it, as differently as the Obama and Trump administrations, there will be sweeping turnover, carried out rapidly.

That is as it should be.

What do you think about this pathetic level of media bias? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.