Climate Activist Pete Buttigieg Took Twice as Many Taxpayer-Funded Private Jet Flights as His Predecessor

Pete Buttigieg reportedly took 18 taxpayer-funded private jet flights since taking office, more than double that taken by his predecessor, Elaine Chao.
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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reportedly took 18 taxpayer-funded private jet flights since taking office, more than double that taken by his predecessor, Elaine Chao.

That’s right, the man that tried shaming you into buying a $50,000 electric vehicle because gas prices were too high and who rides a bike to work to enhance his green credentials, has been spewing carbon into the atmosphere with his numerous private jet flights.

The data comes from an investigation by Americans for Public Trust (APT).

Fox News Digital was the first to report on the details, noting “Buttigieg has traveled both domestically and internationally using a private jet fleet managed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).”

APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland took the Transportation Secretary to task in a statement on the taxpayer-funded flights.

“For someone so holier-than-thou on reducing emissions, Buttigieg sure doesn’t seem to mind the pollution caused by his literal jet-setting,” Sutherland added. “This is hypocrisy at its finest, and these troubling expenses to taxpayers must come under immediate scrutiny.”

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Buttigieg Ripped Over Private Jet Flights

Aside from APT ripping Buttigieg to shreds over his private taxpayer-funded flights, there was plenty of other criticism volleyed in his direction.

“This is the guy who wants to take away your car and force you onto public transit,” writes Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli. “The DC elites are hypocrites. Ignore them.”

“Another Biden official that preaches limiting YOUR lifestyle in the name of climate flies almost exclusively on tax-payer funded private jets,” tweeted Representative-elect Wesley Hunt of Texas. “Mayor Pete doesn’t care about limiting his carbon footprint or your tax bill.”

“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno told Mayor Pete to “Walk the walk, man.”

“The notion that his holier-than-thou-ness is costing me? That’s what I can’t take,” Compagno added. “I would love for my tax dollars to stop paying for their hypocrisy.”

Fox Business host Kennedy chimed in, saying, “Shouldn’t anyone who espouses that hyper-moralism in terms of environmentalism, shouldn’t they be the ones who have to live the most stringent lives in terms of keeping themselves from enjoying luxuries like private plane travel?”

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Preaches Electric Cars For You

The taxpayer-funded private jet flights probably should come as no surprise. Buttigieg did tell Condé Nast Traveler that he finds flying to be “magical.”

“Planes are always the most magical, ever since I was a little kid,” he said. “There’s nothing more remarkable than human beings being able to fly, so I’ve got a soft spot for when it comes to my personal travel.”

A very soft spot, it seems.

Buttigieg added, “Bicycle’s a pretty strong runner-up.”

Here is Hypocrite Pete suggesting Americans should just buy electric vehicles if they don’t like gas prices that grew exponentially under the Biden presidency.

Chao was heavily criticized by the media for using the same jets on seven occasions in 2017, at a cost of $94,000.

The Washington Post called Chao’s private jet flight a “special perk” and said her “use of the FAA planes is a new twist in the controversy over highflying Cabinet members running up extravagant costs at taxpayers’ expense.”

Thus far, the Post hasn’t bothered to cover Buttigieg’s flights which were over twice as plentiful, and likely far costlier.

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