City Councilman Perfectly Exposes the Fraud of Left-wing Trans Ideology

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Mainstream media and the D.C. swamp would like you to believe that where rubber meets the road in this country is in the realm of the federal government and D.C. politics. The reality couldn’t be any different.

Most Americans unknowingly feel the most significant changes in their daily lives happen within their local governments’ normally mundane and little-covered actions. Thanks to the COVID shutdowns, a spotlight was shown on how ridiculous and corrupt local governments can be.

Thankfully, a lone hero on the right is choosing an effective and hilarious tactic to battle the progressive left’s ideological war on common sense. Our rising Phoenix from the right comes from the Hoosier state, and he’s sticking it to the left in the most delicious way.

Where’s His Celebration?

Delaware County Councilman Ryan Webb from Indiana recently announced on social media that he now identifies as something other than the white guy he was “assigned” as at birth.

What he wrote is just so fantastic and dripping with liberal colloquialisms, such as this gem that opens his announcement:

“After much consideration I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self.”

Mr. Webb goes on to write:

“It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women.”

Bravo, Ryan. You’ve figured out that the ideal identity that wields the most privilege in this country is that of a black transgender lesbian – or what I like to call the Privilege Hat Trick.

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Mr. Webb went on to point out that this announcement makes him the:

“very first lesbian woman of color in the history of Delaware County to ever serve on the Delaware County Council.”

I can’t wait for the parades, his picture on the cover of TIME and Vogue, and of course, the announcement that he is Woman of the Year. 

Diversity Rules

For some reason, the reaction to Ryan’s announcement didn’t mirror other similar announcements from those on the left. The left didn’t applaud Ryan’s bravery or stand in solidarity with a marginalized member of society; in fact, for some reason, they don’t believe he is being authentic. 

Not sure why; I mean, he said he’s being his true authentic self, and you can’t question other people’s truth or reality.

Diversity is everything; you’d think the liberals in Delaware County would be excited.

After all, as Ryan wrote:

“Whew, that felt good to finally get that out there and start living life as my true self. I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council.”

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Mr. Webb continued:

“I’m excited to be a vocal partner of the LGBTQIAPC+++ movement. Who knows just how far we can take things, but I’m just glad that this is now possible so ANYONE can be ANYTHING or ANYONE they want.”

Indeed, isn’t that what this is all about?

Lessons Learned

Mr. Webb has faced a lot of abuse for coming out as a black lesbian. Some have called for his resignation, and some have even stated he should be executed.

What a world we live in where you can only be your true authentic self if you come from one political party.

As Mr. Webb points out about the backlash, it’s:

“unfortunate that I cannot simply be given the same space and respect to explore my identity that so many of those targeting me demand for themselves.”

It truly is unfortunate. Where is the BLM movement, the #metoo movement? Where are all my trans feminists to support this brave warrior on their journey through self-exploration?

Perhaps they got lost on their journey to find their true authentic selves. Luckily they have Ryan to help them find their way. 

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Mr. Webb schooled the left with this statement regarding the reaction to his announcement:

“Although my gender identity is my own personal business, and not up for debate or qualification from anyone at all, this journey of discovery has allowed me to hold up a mirror to the intolerant left and their contradiction of ideology.”

Sometimes taking a hard look in the mirror and seeing what a clown you are can be jarring and an emotional experience. So I understand if those on the left triggered by Ryan’s self-discovery need to find a safe space and cuddle their emotional support animals.


Please check out Ryan’s announcement and subsequent statements if you have a moment. If he doesn’t make it in politics, he’s a shoo-in for comedy; he is a genius in using emojis and hashtags.

Since his initial announcement, he’s doubled down, identifying as Native American, given that he has Cherokee ancestors on both sides of his family tree. Given that he’s got more Native American in his DNA than a certain U.S. Senator who claimed the same, I’d argue he should start dressing in his traditional ancestral garb.

Why not? After all, he should be as entitled as the next person to celebrate their ancestry and perceived reality. 

Ryan’s announcement has proven that this concept of “true authentic selves,” “self-discovery,” and “affirmed identity” is hogwash.

He explains:

“As expected, they have completely attacked and dismantled their very own ideology with their actions and words.”

Bravo, Mr. Webb, you’ve accomplished in a single announcement what pundits like me have been trying to do for years. In fact, I’m all in on your announcement – to use a left-wing term, “I’m here for it.” 

Ryan feels pretty good about what he’s done, stating:

“I’m just glad that we’ve been able to draw some awareness to this situation and the fact that the liberal left have laid the groundwork that anybody can be anybody at any time that they wish.”

You go, girl! Keep doing you; nobody can define your reality. Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine; sometimes, a girl just has to slay…and whatever other nonsensical phrases the sheep on the left like to spout.

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