City Council Meeting Erupts in Gunfire, Council Member Is Armed and Ready

A city council meeting in New Hope, Minnesota was interrupted when gun shots rang out at a swearing-in ceremony for new police officers.

Two officers were shot while the suspect was killed in return gun fire. The officers are reported to have non-life threatening injuries.

Incredible footage of a council meeting taking place at City Hall – where the shooting occurred – shows one council member urging his colleagues to get down, drawing his own weapon, and scanning the room in preparation for any threat.

Watch the incredible video below…

Via the Star Tribune:

A council member is heard swearing, then someone yells, “Get down, get down, everybody get down.” Someone else shouts, “That went right through the door!” and “Somebody got shot!”

New Hope City Council Member John Elder, a former police officer and currently a public information officer for the Minneapolis Police Department, appears in the video, behind the council desk with his gun drawn and pointed toward the door to the chambers. The audio on the video then goes silent.

Elder and others were eventually escorted to safety nearby.

We’re quite sure that his fellow council members, no matter their views on gun control, were quite relieved to have someone with a concealed weapon in the room with them.

What are your thoughts on this City Council members actions? Would the proverbial good guy with a gun have stopped the bad guy with a gun had it come down to that?


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