Cindy McCain Claims Her Late Husband Wouldn’t Approve Of Republicans Defending Trump

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LOUISVILLE, KY - SEPTEMBER 17: Cindy McCain attends the 2016 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards at Marriott Louisville Downtown on September 17, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Cindy McCain said that her husband, the late Sen. John McCain would have been deeply troubled by the current state of American politics as Republicans continue to defend President Trump against a fast-moving impeachment inquiry.

She’s not being honest. There are only a few that are defending Trump against Democrats and their impeachment inquiry, as many GOP lawmakers have resigned or plan on leaving. Those who stay who don’t defend Trump are still pushing their agenda against him, so Cindy is just talking to talk.

She needs to realize that her husband was one of the major problems with today’s politics. McCain argued for years to repeal Obamacare, but when he had the chance to cast the deciding vote to repeal Obamacare, he voted against the action, solely because of his dislike for Trump. Does everyone remember when he cast his vote then walked away with his thumb downs? It was the last vote of his worthless tenure as a U.S. Senator.

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Stand against Trump, are you kidding? Open borders, free health care for non-citizens while millions are unable to pay for care, county and city taxes paying for free breakfast-lunches, bus curbside pickup, babysitting services now being offered at school by Kamala Harris, bilingual tutors, free legal services, humanitarian aid in the billions at the border while people are invading our country… while we pick up the tab?

Trump is the least of my worries.

“I think he would be disgusted with some of the stuff that’s going on,” she told CNN’s David Axelrod in an interview that aired Saturday. “I really do. I think he’d be, he’d be railing against what’s going on.”

When the senator was alive, she argued, he made it possible for other GOP lawmakers to stand up to Trump rather than having to stay in line for fear of losing support back home.

“I think John provided a lot of cover for other members, and when he would do it, they could get behind him,” she said. “I’m not seeing a real rudder in the Senate right now in all this.” [Huff Post]

A lot of people were disgusted with the state of politics when John McCain was involved, so what of it?

While Cindy McCain sympathized with politicians’ concerns about getting reelected if they go against Trump, “at some point, you have to do what you were elected to do and that is represent the country as well as your local people,” she said.

“I know he would be terribly upset by this whole thing,” she added, referring to her husband. “He was upset before he died, he saw what was going on. … Like all of us, I wish he were here. We need him more than ever.” [Huff Post]

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Yeah, John would definitely hate a political state where voters choose a non-career-politician. McCain would have wanted to status quo of life-terms-career-politics-as-usual-politicians staying in power and becoming multi-millionaires on 100k a year salaries.

McCain’s family just needs to let the man rest in peace. He was a polarizing figure but he was not loved by everyone. Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy would be disgusted too but that’s a different conversation, right?

John will forever be remembered as being the bearer of the fake dossier. That and his 11th hour “no” vote. A despicable man.


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