Christine Blasey Ford Has Four People to Confirm Her Claims, But There’s a Problem

Christie Blasey Ford, the woman who is making accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, has announced through her legal team that there are four people who can back up her claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982 at a high school party.

But that’s a huge stretch.

The story went viral overnight after USA Today tweeted a story which many liberal activists thought would automatically end Judge Kavanaugh’s chances of being on the Supreme Court:

The problem? These four people, who sent “sworn and signed declarations” were told of the assault after (not before!) the 2012 therapy sessions. And during those sessions about the assault from 35 years ago, Ford never said who the attacker was.

As the USA Today reports:

In her declaration, Adela Gildo-Mazzon said Ford told her about the alleged assault during a June 2013 meal at a restaurant in Mountain View, California, and contacted Ford’s attorneys on Sept. 16 to tell them Ford had confided in her five years ago.[…]

In another declaration, Keith Koegler said Ford revealed the alleged assault to him in 2016, when the two parents were watching their children play in a public place and discussing the “light” sentencing of Stanford University student Brock Turner.[…]

In another declaration, Rebecca White, a neighbor and friend of more than six years, said Ford revealed the alleged assault against her in 2017.[…]

In his declaration, Ford’s husband said he learned of his wife’s experience with sexual assault “around the time we got married” but that she didn’t share details until a couple’s therapy session in 2012.

See the problem here? As the New York Post’s Paul Sperry explains, this new revelation does not change the massive problems with Ford’s 35-year old allegations:

1) From Sperry: “Ford still can’t recall basic details of what she says was the most traumatic event in her life. Not where the “assault” took place — she’s not sure whose house it was, or even what street it was on. Nor when — she’s not even sure of the year, let alone the day and month.”

2) “Ford concedes she told no one what happened to her at the time, not even her best friend or mother,” Sperry reminds us.

3) “Ford contends that notes her therapist took in 2012 corroborate her account, but they don’t mention Kavanaugh,” Sperry opines.

4) As Sperry writes, “Her own immediate family doesn’t appear to be backing her up, either. Her mother, father and two siblings are all conspicuously absent from a letter of support released by a dozen relatives, mostly on her husband’s side of the family.”

5) And most recently, a glaring problem: “In another inconsistency, Ford told The Washington Post she was upset when Trump won in 2016 because Kavanaugh was mentioned as a Supreme Court pick. But Kavanaugh wasn’t added to Trump’s list of possibles until November 2017, a full year later.”

This is why Ford is being so hesitant to testify without extreme preconditions while hiding alleged evidence. Any lawyer would make her crumble under the most routine level of questioning. There’s hardly enough facts here for a police or FBI investigation, and her story would never stand up in a regular courtroom.

There has to be more evidence presented, or Republicans have no reason to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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