CNN reports that anchor Chris Cuomo is under review following reports that indicate he used media sources to track down information on sexual harassment accusers against his brother, disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

CNN’s business section first addressed the controversy Monday evening.

“The thousands of pages of additional transcripts and exhibits that were released today by the NY Attorney General deserve a thorough review and consideration,” CNN said in a statement.

“We will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to CNN over the next several days.”

‘Seeking clarity’ is simply throwing a bone to Cuomo that he doesn’t necessarily deserve, especially considering documents released by the New York Attorney General’s Office plainly show the anchor trying to help craft his brother’s response to the allegations and to dig up “intel” on the women accusing him.

Cuomo has previously downplayed having a significant role in the process.

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Cuomo’s Journalistic Malpractice At CNN

The Political Insider in August revealed that the Attorney General report on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal implicated the anchor in helping craft a defense for the man he has referred to as the “Luv Guv.”

“Internal documents and communications obtained during the investigation, it appears that the Governor’s advisors, including … Chris Cuomo, counseled him to express contrition after the press published Ms. Bennett’s allegations,” the report reads.

Cuomo also, per multiple sources for the Washington Post, “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor, his top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” on “how to respond to sexual harassment allegations.”

Cuomo initially downplayed his actions but later issued an apology.

“When my brother’s situation became turbulent, being looped into calls with other friends of his and advisers that did include some of his staff, I understand why that was a problem for CNN,” he said. “It will not happen again.”

“It was a mistake because I put my colleagues here, who I believe are the best in the business, in a bad spot,” Cuomo added. “I never intended for that, I would never intend for that, and I am sorry for that.”

A review of the documents shows Chris Cuomo clearly had a more intimate role in trying to aide his brother, going so far as to use his sources for help.

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Corrupt Cuomos

Despite their best efforts to coddle Chris Cuomo through every scandal that has enveloped him, the latest report is practically forcing CNN to fire him.

It’s one thing to act in the best interest of your family – I get that on some level – but to use sources at the network to help in that effort? Completely unacceptable.

“CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources in the media world to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment,” CNBC reports.

It really doesn’t get any more damning than that.

Not only did Chris Cuomo use his sources for information – “I have a lead on the wedding girl,” he texted to the governor’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa – but he offered full texts of statements his brother could give in response to fighting the allegations.

Statements that appear to have been used in part or at least paraphrased on some level.

According to transcripts from the AG’s office of conversations with investigators, Cuomo admitted his role in formulating a plan of attack against his brother’s accusers.

“I would – when asked, I would reach out to sources, other journalists, to see if they had heard of anybody else coming out,” Cuomo said.

According to the New York Times, DeRosa had requested “intel” from Chris Cuomo to which he responded at least one time, “On it.”

A review of Chris Cuomo by CNN is long, long overdue. It may not make a difference at this point. Cuomo’s ratings have been tumbling and he is no longer taken seriously by any informed viewer.

The network did its best for months to ignore the fact that one of their star anchors had manipulated news either through promoting Andrew Cuomo or avoiding his scandals during his prime time show.

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Cuomo had been shielded from covering his brother’s scandals by a conveniently placed policy by the network which prevents him from doing so – but had already covered the topic for months before the policy was announced.

“Obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother,” the younger Cuomo would say.

But that policy wasn’t intact when Cuomo was propping up his brother as the COVID savior, teasing him with giant cotton swabs, and even promoting him as the “Luv Guv.”

One of the biggest figures of the pandemic was allowed to create a false narrative on his handling of the crisis through the help of CNN and Chris Cuomo.

He was then granted shelter when scandals began multiplying.

Now, we learn he had a brother serving as an adviser and activist during an active investigation.


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