New York AG Report Implicates CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo In Helping Craft Governor Brother’s Sexual Harassment Response

Chris Cuomo refused to acknowledge his brother's sexual harassment scandal during his show, even as the New York Attorney General report implicated the anchor in helping craft a defense for the man he has referred to as the "Luv Guv."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo refused to acknowledge his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal during his show, even as the New York Attorney General report implicated the anchor in helping craft a defense for the man he has referred to as the “Luv Guv.”

New York AG Letitia James, in a shocking press conference Tuesday, announced the findings of her months-long investigation into Governor Cuomo.

Nearly a dozen women had accused Cuomo of some form of sexual misconduct, the most serious of which involved an unnamed female aide who said the governor groped her at the Executive Mansion in November.

James declared that the governor was indeed guilty of the sexual harassment claims.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, and in doing so, violated federal and state law,” said James.

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Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Cover Scandal

Chris Cuomo, with all eyes on him and the network that helped promote Governor Cuomo as a model leader during the height of the pandemic,  refused to acknowledge the story.

Governor Cuomo’s younger brother is named in the AG report as having offered to help shape the strategic response to sexual harassment allegations against his brother.

The report reads:

“Internal documents and communications obtained during the investigation, it appears that the Governor’s advisors, including Mr. Pollock [Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer] and Chris Cuomo, counseled him to express contrition after the press published Ms. Bennett’s allegations.”

In addition, James’ team found that Chris Cuomo and the other advisers “were regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information about state operations and helped make decisions that impacted State business and employees — all without any formal role, duty, or obligation to the State.”

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Journalistic Malpractice

The Political Insider in June reported on Chris Cuomo’s alleged role in helping defend his brother against sexual harassment allegations, an egregious breach of journalistic standards even for that network.

Cuomo, as per multiple sources for the Washington Post at the time, “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor, his top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” on “how to respond to sexual harassment allegations.”

Part of the New York Governor’s defense against the scandal was to reportedly retaliate against one of the accusers.

One of the women who initially accused the governor of misconduct, Lindsey Boylan, had her personnel files released to the media by Cuomo’s top aides.

The Attorney General report confirmed that Cuomo’s office had indeed released Boylan’s file in an attempt to intimidate and retaliate against her for coming forward.

“The evidence obtained in our investigation revealed that the complainants’ fears of retaliation were justified,” the report says.

“In response to Ms. Boylan’s allegation of sexual harassment, first made in a tweet on December 13, 2020, the Executive Chamber engaged in a series of responsive actions that were intended to discredit and disparage Ms. Boylan.”

Chris Cuomo has been shielded from covering his brother’s scandals by a conveniently placed policy by the network which prevents him from doing so – but had already covered the topic for months before the policy was announced.

“Obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother,” the younger Cuomo would say.

But that policy wasn’t intact when Cuomo was propping up his brother as the COVID savior, teasing him with giant cotton swabs, and even promoting him as the “Luv Guv.”

Cuomo ate it up, at one point saying: “I’ve always been a soft guy. I am the Luv Guv. I’m a cool dude in a loose mood, you know that. I just say let it go, just go with the flow, baby.”

Fox News meteorologist and author Janice Dean has been an outspoken critic of Governor Cuomo, believing his policies contributed to the deaths of thousands in nursing homes during the pandemic, including her own in-laws.

But she has also criticized Chris Cuomo for his actions.

She described CNN’s statement defending their network star against criticism for not covering his brother when the heat was being turned up as “tone-deaf.”

“It’s the same station that hosted Chris and his brother and the Cuomo comedy hour for weeks, as body bags were being piled up outside of nursing homes and storage trucks,” railed Dean.

Dean has opined that she hopes any scandal would lead to the governor’s exit from politics, even if the media and the Biden Justice Department have ignored his nursing home scandal.

She didn’t hold back in regards to CNN’s Chris Cuomo either, blasting him for helping his brother cover up his incompetent handling of the pandemic.

“He didn’t cover big brother’s breaking news today,” Dean tweeted. “But he sure loved to cover him while bodies were piling up in storage trucks!”

The network itself did cover the Cuomo scandal even if Chris didn’t, with media hall monitor Brian Stelter publishing a column on the brothers’ “unique relationship.”



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