Chris Christie: Trump ‘Won’t Be Able to Vote for Himself’ Because He’ll Be Convicted

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One question: Why is Chris Christie still running for president?

It’s a fair question. Donald Trump is way ahead of every other Republican primary candidate. Establishment support for Ron DeSantis now seems to have wandered over the Nikki Haley. Christie is definitely running as an old GOP guard establishment Republican.

So what is he even doing at this point?

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Christie on Trump: ‘If he’s our nominee, he won’t be able to vote for himself’

This question was definitely worth asking after the former New Jersey Governor said on Monday that if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee for president in 2024, he will not be able to vote for himself because he’ll be a convicted felon.

Christie told Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto, “Neil, you got to be for something in this country if you’re going to run for public office. Let me tell you what I am for, first and foremost. I’m a constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution over men and women.”

Interesting talking points, but Christie’s public record and public stances on the issue disagree with that “constitutionalist” claim. Nevertheless.

Cavuto asked, “But a Constitution says nothing about a convicted felon if it comes to that. ‘Cause he has 97-odd chances to dodge that, but one of them might stick. Then what? What does the constitutionalist say? The Constitution doesn’t say anything about someone…What do you make of that? That’s a possibility.”

Christie replied, “How about this? He’s going to go on trial the day before Super Tuesday. I believe he’s going to be convicted in that January 6th trial in Washington, D.C., predominantly because Mark Meadows, as you know, has signed an agreement — his former chief of staff, one of the founders of the Freedom Caucus — is going to testify against him! He’s going to be convicted. Imagine this: If he’s our nominee, he won’t be able to vote for himself.

Cavuto responded, “But, he can be president,” Cavuto countered.

“Yes,” Christie said.

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What the Hell is Christie Doing?

Wait. What?

While if convicted Trump could be president but he couldn’t vote for himself on election day because of said conviction…

Exactly what audience is Christie trying to reach here? As a presidential candidate? How many Republican voters out there agree with this message?

Christie continued, “And this is what I talk to other politicos — they’re not steeped in the battle like you are. But, they say, look, if he hasn’t been dinged by all of these indictments, a conviction won’t make a difference. You think it might.”

This isn’t a message for your average Republican voter, because those people support Trump and view the legal action against him as a sham.

You know who does love this message? Democrat voters. The Republican establishment. The Biden administration. Just about everyone except the very people Christie is ostensibly trying to reach.

Again: Why is Chris Christie still running for president?

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