Cher Admits Her Voice ‘Doesn’t Sound Like A Woman’ – ‘Never Liked My Voice’

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The singer Cher has admitted what many of us have felt for years: that her voice sounds like a man, and that it doesn’t sound very good.

Cher ‘Never Liked’ Her Own Voice

“I just never liked my voice that much. If I had my choice, I probably would have another one, but I didn’t get my choice. I got my mother’s voice,” Cher, 77, told Paper Magazine. “It’s weird. It doesn’t sound like a man, it doesn’t sound like a woman. I’m somewhere more in-between. I have this strange style.”

Cher went on to explain exactly what she does not like about her voice.

“I don’t pronounce my Rs. I guess some consonants are hard to sing,” she admitted. “I never liked it very much. I mean, people seem to like it, and I’m happy as a clam, but I wouldn’t have picked it. I liked it on my mother and it’s definitely my mom’s voice. My mom’s is softer, mine is edgier — different, but the same, but I don’t think I would have picked it.”

Cher’s mother, the singer Georgia Holt, died in December of last year at the age of 96.

“The truth…. She’s been Sick, &rallying, she then got bad. She was in so much pain,” Cher wrote on social media afterwards. “Finally she coded on [the] way to Hosp. By time we Got to Hosp….The Woman who Who Was MY KICK ASS MOM was No long[er] Here.”

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Cher Promotes ‘Christmas’ Album

Cher gave her latest interview to promote her upcoming album “Christmas.”

“I’ve made so many albums, and some of the ones I thought were as good as I could like an album of mine weren’t hits. And then other ones that I was not that excited about [were],” Cher said. “So I like this album. I’m not a Cher fan, but I like doing it. When I listen to [‘Christmas’], I think this worked out.”

Earlier this month, Cher admitted that she never expected to do a Christmas album.

“I had no intention of doing a Christmas album,” Cher told Billboard. “But [Warner Records] said, ‘Why don’t you do a Christmas album, Cher?’ and I said if I can do my version I’ll do it, and they were very pleasant.”

Cher went on to say that this will not be a normal Christmas album.

“Everybody’s gotten ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ and all that,” she said. “I just said to them, ‘There will be Christmas songs and they’ll be appropriate, but I want to do what I feel.'”

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Cher Gushes Over Biden

While promoting this album, Cher has been working overtime to try and ensure that her beloved Joe Biden is reelected next year.

“Look, I’m not thrilled with everything Joe does, but I’ve known him since 2008,” Cher told The Los Angeles Times. “And he’s not senile. He’s got a bad back. I don’t know why people don’t say that. But he’s smart, and he works hard.”

“I agree with a lot of the things he does,” she continued. “Some of the things I don’t, but he’s making decisions all the time. Trump, I’m never gonna go there. I’d rather jump off a building.”

As you can see, Cher’s Trump derangement syndrome is alive and well! If even Cher is admitting that she can’t stand her own voice, one can’t help but wonder how she expects other people to buy her new album. We know we won’t be!

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