Chelsea Manning Is Banned From Visiting Canada Over Treason Charges

chelsea manning canada

Looks like traitor Chelsea Manning won’t be visiting Canada anytime soon.

Even though Manning was commuted of her sentence for “aiding the enemy,” Canada said her crimes “equate to an indictable offense, namely treason.”

Under a treaty signed by George W. Bush and the Prime Minister of Canada, no convicted felons can travel to either country. Canada denies entry, deports, and bans persons from entry for all sorts of valid reasons. Unfortunately, liberal Canadians and Americans think the U.S. is not allowed to have any such valid reasons.
Manning is a convicted felon. She was not pardoned, her sentence was commuted, meaning she did not have to serve out the remainder of her years. Why should she be any different than any felon in either country?

This is pretty common for Canada and should not be taken as a slight against Manning. Any criminal record makes it very difficult to enter and given the sentence was commuted and not pardoned, the system should have flagged it. She can contest the decision, and will likely be allowed in afterwards.

I love her tweet where she puts quotes around the word “treason,” where no quotes are required. The word stands on its own. It’s not a euphemism or an allegory. It’s a clearly defined word that correctly describes what this former soldier did — commit treason.

It appears that Manning will be challenging her denial from visiting Canada:

Hopefully, Manning will join her criminal-in-arms Hillary Clinton and simply go away. They’re both free to live their lives. Neither have anything to offer to improve the public dialogue on any issue. I’d be happier never to hear from either again.

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