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Chelsea Handler Wants To Make “Racist Jokes” Illegal… But Her Past Comments Say Otherwise

Comedy used to be a medium where everything was fair game – but the PC police has taken its toll. It’s even more bizarre that there are comedians embracing the trend.

Among them is Chelsea Handler, an (alleged) comedian with a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In a tweet yesterday, she expressed regret that racist comments and gestures weren’t outlawed in our country.

Of course, people need to realize that any policies they support to target one group can also be used against them. One example that comes to mind was on the Greg Gutfeld Show last month when guest Dave Rubin (who hosts his own show “The Rubin Report”) was explaining why he, as a married gay man, opposes laws that would force Christian bakers to cater gay marriages. While Rubin noted that he is no fan of gays being denied service, he wouldn’t want such a law applied to him in a similar circumstance (suppose a gay baker was forced to do something that violates their conscience).

To give a more relevant example, suppose how such a law would affect alleged comedians like Handler, who has made no shortage of racist jokes in her past.

And don’t forget that the definition of “racism” becomes more and more lax each year. Though, whatever definition of racism we’re working under, both sides of the political spectrum would certainly agree that whilst in the middle of an argument with a black person, making some comment about grape soda or watermelon would be wrong.

At least Chelsea would never do that.

Oh wait….

Sorry Chelsea, but if we’re going to make thoughtcrime illegal, you’ll be the first prisoner!

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