Chelsea Clinton Spotted Partying with George Soros’ Son

George Soros is perhaps the most wealthy and influential donor to far-left causes and groups in America, and he makes his power well-known.

Soros’ far-left political views have infected American politics, and he continues to pour millions of dollars to push his radical agenda onto the American public.

While Soros’ extreme views should make him a pariah in politics, instead he is greeted with open arms by the most influential members of the Democrat Party. In fact, Soros donated at least $10.5 million to Hillary’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, but despite her loss, the ties between the Clintons and Soros family remain.

NewsBusters is reporting that Soros’ son, Alexander, recently partied with Chelsea Clinton at the Gordon Parks Foundation gala on June 8.

Chelsea Clinton Soros

From NewsBusters:

Soros’ son Alexander posted a selfie of himself with Chelsea Clinton on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. The photo was taken at the Gordon Parks Foundation June 6 gala, which, according to the website, honored specific “individuals who have enriched our lives.” The younger Soros was one of the honorees.

He captioned the selfie with Chelsea and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, as a #familyphoto, and thanked them for “enduring the night for me.”

Chelsea Clinton Soros

Another photo showed Clinton apparently seated at the same table as Soros.
Chelsea Clinton Soros

The Gordon Parks Foundation website described Soros’ son Alexander as “the founding Chair of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, an organization championing a progressive domestic agenda focused on inclusion and equality.” But he has only made political donations to liberal causes and candidates. He has generously funded the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Planned Parenthood, as well as Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and  failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Alexander Soros Foundation is best known for its support of climate change politics, as well as supporting the legalization of illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.

One has to speculate that Chelsea Clinton’s appearance with the son of one of the most influential liberal donors in America may signal that Hillary’s daughter could be preparing for a political future herself.

One would think that given how George Soros wasted millions of dollars on Hillary Clinton, his family would want nothing to do with the Clinton name going forward. Given how chummy Chelsea and Soros look, it appears as though the relationship between the two far-left families is stronger than ever.

What do you think of Chelsea Clinton partying with George Soros’ son? Is  this a sign that Chelsea is considering a political future? Share your thoughts below!