Check Out The Moment At A John Kasich Rally That Everyone Is Talking About

John Kasich

While most of the hugs discussed during this campaign season have involved Chris Christie and his Democrat flavor-of-the-week, Ohio Governor John Kasich is showing that he can dish the love out just as well.

The difference? Kasich was hugging an emotional supporter.

And the moment was caught on video, quickly spreading throughout the internet.

Via ABC News:

During a question-and-answer session, 21-year-old Brett Smith told the Ohio governor he had driven up from Georgia to see him. A man close to him had recently killed himself, his parents had divorced and his father had lost his job, Smith said.

Amid a dark time in his life, Smith said, Kasich gave him hope.

“I found hope,” he said, standing before around 200 attendees. “I found it in the Lord and in my friends, and now I found it in my presidential candidate that I support, and I’d really appreciate one of those hugs you’ve been talking about.”

Kasich obliged, coming down from the stage and embracing the young man, a senior at the University of Georgia, as he choked up and blinked away tears.

Kasich gave the young supporter some words of encouragement during their embrace.

“The Lord will give you strength, I promise you, if you ask him,” he said in Smith’s ear.

Smith said he had been personally inspired by Kasich’s more optimistic campaign in a sea of Republican strife.

“It’s just nice to see someone that’s a human caring about other humans and being sincere.”

Comment: Was this moment at Kasich’s campaign rally a genuine, heartfelt exchange? Does Kasich deserve kudos for his response? Share your thoughts below.

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