Chants of ‘Yes We Can’ as House Democrats Help Pass Bill Granting Amnesty to ‘Dreamers’

Chants of “Si Si Puede” or “Yes We Can” rained down as House Democrats helped pass legislation that would stop deportations and grant a path to citizenship for an estimated two million illegal immigrants.

The ‘American Dream and Promise Act’ passed on a nearly straight party-line vote and promises to “cancel and prohibit removal proceedings against certain aliens and provides such aliens with a path toward permanent resident status.”

A total of 187 Republicans voted against the measure, while seven others joined 230 Democrats in passing it.

“We have the opportunity to be a part of history, to be on the right side of history,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi boasted as Dreamers and other pro-illegal advocates cheered from the gallery.

The bill allows the so-called Dreamers to qualify if they attain a college degree, serve in the military, or work for three years.


Republicans countered by describing the bill as “amnesty” without any form of punishment for being in the country illegally. Many Dreamers have had years to follow the already-established process to become legalized.

“Either we have a way to get in legally to our country or we don’t,” said Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA).

The Washington Times reports that critics “said millions of people waiting in Central America and elsewhere were watching and would see the vote as a promise of amnesties.”

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) wrote in a letter sent from the White House that the bill “would incentivize and reward illegal immigration” without “protecting our communities and defending our borders.”

No Border Fix and Amnesty for Gang Members

Showing no desire to compromise, Democrats pushed the bill through without any border security measures. At a time when all sides agree that there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, Democrats chose to address and reward those who have already violated the law.

“This bill, to my mind, would ruin America,” Grothman said.

It’s hard not to wonder if that is exactly the goal of the radical left.

The resistance party also voted against a Republican effort to close a loophole in the legislation that allows members of criminal street gangs to earn citizenship, a decision which proves they have no issue putting the rights of criminal illegal immigrants before those of law-abiding citizens.

While the Dream and Promise Act is the first major legalization bill to pass in over a decade, it remains mostly symbolic – some red meat to throw to the Democrat base.

It is highly unlikely this Act passes through the Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump has already vowed a veto.

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