Trump Declares ‘I Developed The Vaccine When Everyone Said It Wasn’t Possible’

On Friday, former President Donald Trump reminded President Joe Biden and his administration that he “developed the vaccine when everyone…

10 months ago

Bank Leaders Share IRS Monitoring Concerns In House Committee Meeting

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) House Republicans held a public meeting Tuesday to invite banking leaders to share their…

11 months ago

Ohio State University Pays $12,000 For White Privilege Activist to Lecture

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy Ohio State University spent $12,000 in March 2021 to show white people how racist they…

1 year ago

Man Is Fired After Pulling Gun On Louisville Rioters – Cops Release Footage Of Protester Pointing Gun At Him

A man who was spotted pulling a gun on protesters in Louisville, Kentucky in a viral video has been fired…

2 years ago

Trump Mocks Chris Cuomo’s Ratings – ‘Fake News Doesn’t Pay, Fredo’

President Trump on Thursday mocked CNN's Chris Cuomo, calling him 'Fredo' and suggesting he be moved back to a morning…

2 years ago

Las Vegas Police Officer Shot During Riot Is Paralyzed From The Neck Down – Can’t Speak

It has just been revealed that a policeman from Las Vegas, Nevada, who was shot in the head earlier this…

2 years ago

Trump Supporters Strike Back At AOC

They are donating to her opponent in a Democrat primary.

2 years ago

Democrats Have Forgotten About Social Distancing…When It Comes To Rioters

It's funny how that all went out the window when it stopped serving the Democrat agenda.

2 years ago

Pelosi And Clinton Insult President Trump For Going To Church, Holding A Bible

Trump wanted to honor a church that had been vandalized by rioters.

2 years ago

Trump Attacks ‘Weak’ Governors For Not Putting Down Riots

In a call with state governors, President Donald Trump slammed those who let the recent riots escalate into looting and…

2 years ago

Fauci Backtracks As He Admits Second Coronavirus Wave May Never Happen – Calls Mask-Wearing Symbolic

It's becoming increasingly obvious to many Americans that we greatly overreacted to this pandemic, and much of this reaction can…

2 years ago

Florida Teacher Begs Judge To Have Him Castrated After Being Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Students

In trying to get out of a prison sentence, Lua had also whined to the judge that he suffered from…

2 years ago