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school shooting italy texas

We’re just getting word that authorities are on the scene at a high school in Italy, Texas, after receiving reports Monday morning of a shooting. The shooting has been confirmed by […]

wilbur ross

Jonathan Swan of Axios had a bombshell report last night outlining all the ways in which President Trump is fed up with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Ross, a former Wall […]

fbi texts comey clinton

With each passing day, it becomes more evident that the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Obama Administration were all clearly coordinating their efforts to exonerate former Secretary of […]

senate vote noon

As of this morning, we’ve entered into the third day of the government shutdown, which was engineered primarily by Senate Democrats trying to force a vote on extending legal protections […]

Pelosi shutdown

Nancy Pelosi, the same woman who said a $2,000 tax cut bonus to you and your family amounted to “crumbs,” spent the first day of the government shutdown treating her […]

fox news most objective

CNN was recently “awarded” four “Trumpies” by President Donald Trump for spreading fake news, and a new survey shows that many Americans agree with his assessment. According to the Gallup/Knight […]

schumer deal daca

Schmaltzy Schumer failed to get his mark on this one. Earlier today, the New York senator and Senate minority leader was meeting with President Trump in the White House. The […]

menendez retrial

Not so fast, Bobby! Last fall, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was cleared after a mistrial was declared in a case in which he was being tried for corruption. Upon […]

vegas shooting motive

Something doesn’t add up here. The Las Vegas police just announced that there was no motive behind the deadly shooting – the deadliest shooting on American soil – that took […]

megyn kelly today kevin bleyer

“Megyn Kelly Today” has been lauded for extensively addressing the ongoing Me Too movement to expose sexual harassment and abuse, but a disgruntled ex-employee recently sent around an email claiming […]

nikki haley apologize

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, balked at offering an apology to the African continent for President Trump’s recent “s***hole countries” comment. Haley, meeting with the African Group at […]

government shutdown

Washington is all in a flurry this morning as it prepares for a shutdown. The last time we saw a government shutdown like this was in 2013, when Republicans refused […]