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Biden: 'Absolutely' Will Cut Police Funding, Says Some Have 'Become the Enemy'

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has drawn a line in the sand with law enforcement, saying “yes, absolutely” he will divert funds from police because some have “become the enemy.” […]

Vernon Jones Declares 'I Am Black And I Am A Democrat. But I Ain’t Voting For Joe Biden'

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones wrote on op-ed for The Daily Caller in which he stated that even though he is a Democrat, he “ain’t” voting for Joe Biden come […]

CNN anchor Don Lemon believes the way to rectify the Mount Rushmore ‘controversy’ is to add Barack Obama to the majestic monument. Lemon began by joining fellow host Chris Cuomo […]

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn is calling on Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign after the Squad member called for the “dismantling” of the American political and economic system. Omar (D-MN) made […]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson doubled down on his criticism of Democrats who hate America, again singling out Senator Tammy Duckworth and calling her a “coward.” Carlson explained that he […]

withdraw from WHO

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said that President Donald Trump’s decision to formally withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) is a “self-inflicted disaster.” “This is the very last thing we […]

stacey abrams

One time Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams just said that the U.S. Constitution is to blame for what she claimed was the origins of “the practice of voter suppression” […]

The Fox News host hit the mayor and governor where it hurts.

This is clearly a PR stunt or a move designed by the president.

Representative Ilhan Omar called for the “dismantling” of the American political system and economy, labelling it a “system of oppression.” Omar: “We Cannot Stop At The Criminal Justice System” At […]

Tlaib, Pressley Introduce Bill From Group That Wants To 'Abandon' Police And Prisons

Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, two members of the Democrat ‘Squad,’ are reportedly set to introduce legislation brought forth by a group seeking to “abandon” police, prisons, and any […]

Dan Bongino Slams Democrat Mayors Trump And Coronavirus For July 4th Violence

On Tuesday, conservative pundit Dan Bongino blasted Democrat mayors’ attempts to blame violence over the Fourth of July weekend on COVID-19 and President Trump as “grotesque and pathetic.” The former […]