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If you thought the media’s obsession with all things Trump and Russia couldn’t get any more ridiculous you’d be wrong … very wrong. The Washington Post – you know, the […]

Trump Epstein

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he wanted a “full investigation” into the death of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died of apparent suicide. Trump was asked by reporters […]

Bernie Sanders

According to a new Gravis Marketing poll of Democrat voters in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders is surging. The poll released last week shows the self-described socialist senator with a strong […]

Chris Cuomo

After CNN host and Italian American Chris Cuomo compared being called “Fredo” to someone using the “n-word” slur against African Americans, black conservatives began calling him out. Conservative pundit Candace […]

The intolerant left media critics slammed MSNBC for scheduling former White House admin members Anthony Scaramucci and Omarosa Manigault-Newman for a Friday night show with host Chris Matthews on his show, Hardball. The […]

The circular firing squad that developed at a Democratic Socialists of America Convention where attendees explained things they find ‘triggering’ has earned mockery across the spectrum on social media. Video […]

A teenager stole an American flag from the Beacon Car & Pet Wash in Pacific, Missouri, but the owner, military veteran Bill Hoaglin, rather than pursuing criminal charges, offered the […]

Harris Trump

In an interview with The Des Moines Register, on Sunday 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said that while President Donald Trump did not “pull the trigger,” of the mass […]

Tulsi Gabbard

On Monday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced that she will be taking a two-week break from her presidential campaign so that she can report for active duty with […]

Trump Obama

Chris White on August 13, 2019 More than two dozen states and cities sued the Trump administration Tuesday to block President Donald Trump from easing environmental restriction on coal power plants. […]

Trump Clinton Epstein

In the wake of convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious reported suicide, many are speculating whether or not there was any foul play, particularly given the many powerful people who […]

Singer Barbra Streisand tried to impress Bill and Hillary Clinton during a show by doing a parody of ‘Send in the Clowns’ directed at President Trump. Streisand, like both Clintons, […]