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Have you noticed yet? The Democrat Presidential hopefuls keep showing the public why they would be a hazardous choice for President. Sen. Kamala Harris jumped out in front of the pack […]

cher ocasio cortez

American singer and actress Cher took a jab at New York progressives for squashing a deal with Amazon to establish their second headquarters in New York City. The broken deal, […]

jim acosta angel moms

CNN reporter Jim Acosta referred to the deceased children of Angel Moms as having been “allegedly killed by undocumented immigrants.” The reprehensible comment came as the mothers, who were attending […]

ocasio cortez block trump emergency

As Donald Trump declared a national emergency to get the funding for his border wall, self-described socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Democrat, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, plan […]

border compromise bill

Before I even get started, has anyone noticed that the Democrats who are running for President voted “NO” on this spending bill that President Trump signed? They will flip this […]

trump border wall funding

President Trump is preparing to make a national emergency declaration that could allow him to spend up to $8 billion to construct a barrier at the U.S.-Mexico border. Senate Majority Leader […]

ohio heartbeat bill

In December, Ohio lawmakers passed a bill that would make abortions illegal once a heartbeat could be detected in a fetus. At the time, former Republican Gov. John Kasich refused […]

trump jerseys

A pair of friends attending an NBA basketball game in Sacramento raised the ire of liberals by sporting jerseys that read ‘Build the Wall‘ and ‘Trump.’ The duo said their jerseys […]

senate passes border compromise

House must still approve the proposal; it will then go to the president

bernie sanders ilhan omar

Senator Bernie Sanders privately reached out to Rep. Ilhan Omar despite the congresswoman getting hit from both sides of the political aisle for a series of anti-Semitic messages. Sanders, who […]

andrew mccabe russia

Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director, says he ordered an investigation to find out if President Donald Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey simply to preserve the ongoing […]

trump 2020 democrats

The Trump campaign is reportedly setting their sights on three Democrats they consider significant challengers to the President’s 2020 re-election bid. Politico reports that advisers to the President have begun […]