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Chris Cuomo Coronavirus

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has tested positive for coronavirus, but will continue to present his show from his basement, quarantined away from his family. Chris Cuomo: “I Just Hope I Didn’t […]

McConnell Pelosi

Senator Mitch McConnell tore into Democrats for distracting lawmakers from being better equipped in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The Majority Leader pointed out that Congress was still being pulled […]

AOC Pressley

Race-baiting is always on their minds, no matter what.

Gun ownership

Sheriff Gore’s initial instincts seem spot on.

Trump Cuomo

At a press conference on Monday, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it clear that he was not running for president in 2020. ‘I said from day one I […]

President Trump blasted Jim Acosta as “snarky” when confronted by past statements regarding the coronavirus crisis, and told the CNN reporter he should try asking a “real question” instead. Acosta, […]

Trump CNN

The radical press and Nancy Pelosi are both complicit in lying to the American people with their misleading statements and actions that are not related to President Trump in any […]

Trump Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested his network should no longer carry coronavirus press briefings by the President because he “keeps lying.” Lemon made the comments during a typical show exchange […]

Maddow Trump

President Donald Trump just trolled MSNBC host Rachel Maddow with a video clip of her claiming a Navy hospital ship would not be arriving in New York to aid in […]

Crenshaw Hillary Clinton

She again proves why she would have made a horrible president.

Mark Cuban Trump

Cuban's comments about Trump are refreshing to say the least.

Geraldo Rivera Trump

On Monday, Geraldo Rivera addressed those who hate President Donald Trump and continue to do so during the coronavirus pandemic. ‘If the motive is to hurt Donald Trump, then save […]