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melania trump texas

Less than one full day after her husband signed an executive order ending the family separation policy of illegal immigrants entering from the southern border, First Lady Melania Trump made […]

how fbi influenced 2016 election

Earlier this month, the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice released a 568-page report which determined that former FBI Director James Comey acted insubordinately during his […]

Rush Limbaugh IG Report

Rush Limbaugh explained to his radio listeners on Wednesday the massive cover-up from the “drive-by media,” and dishonest reporting about President Trump, will likely “get someone killed.” Limbaugh notes that […]

Donald Trump Jr Peter Fonda

There’s a clear double standard when it comes to the consequences celebrities are facing for their controversial tweets. While a Leftist, for the most part, Roseanne Barr did express support […]

ice confiscates rosaries

Once again, a viral image aiming to show mistreatment of illegal immigrants under the Trump Administration has turned out to have been from the Obama Administration. On June 18th, Facebook […]

Juan Williams Peter Fonda

It wasn’t the reprehensible threats against a minor that were the problem. It was the way he said it. This seemingly is the conclusion Juan Williams came to after actor […]

immigration abuse center

The media’s campaign of disinformation regarding President Trump’s now-rescinded “zero tolerance” immigration policy has never been worse. Looking back, we’ll regard the whole sensationalist episode as the nadir of journalistic […]

trump mocks protester

Liberal pajama boys beware – interrupting a Trump rally isn’t going to end very well for you. One protester at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota found that out the hard […]

democrat threaten children immigration

We knew someone would eventually get hurt, or, at least, be threatened with violent death. The media sensationalizing the family separation policy at the southern border has revealed the true […]

Texas billboard liberals

A hilarious billboard in Texas is giving some liberals directions on exactly where to go, and the backlash, of course, has triggered them. “Liberals,” the sign reads, “Please continue on I-40 […]

DHS Secretary protester

And the media scoffs when President Trump or conservative media refer to the ‘deep state’ or groups of people embedded within the administration to inflict self-damage. Turns out, one of […]

reasons hillary clinton should retire

Politicians aren’t exactly known for having sterling reputations, but throughout her extensive career, Hillary Clinton has taken the term “duplicitous” to entirely new levels. Here are just eight reasons why […]