Casey DeSantis Draws a Line Against Groomers: ‘They’re Not Yours’

Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, posted a powerful video that quickly went viral, declaring war against LGBT activists who proudly declare, "We're coming for your children."
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Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, posted a powerful video that quickly went viral, declaring war against far-left activists who proudly declare, “We’re coming for your children.”

The video was awash in positive reviews.

“We will not allow you to exploit the innocence of our children to advance your agenda,” she tweeted, announcing an initiative known as “Mamas for DeSantis.”

“When you come after our kids, we fight back,” added Mrs. DeSantis. “We are no longer silent. We are united.”

The video features a clip of ‘Pride’ activists chanting a message they claim to have been using for years and have defended as being taken out of context.

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Casey DeSantis Delivers Straight Fire Against the Groomer Mob

The video of Casey DeSantis promoting “Mamas for DeSantis” is approaching 3 million views as of publication.

Following the clip of the pro-groomer activists, the First Lady of Florida emphatically fires back: “Enough is enough!”

“There’s nothing we won’t do to protect our children. They’re not yours,” she said. It’s a statement that could not only apply to the activists but to an overreaching federal government.

“We are no longer silent, we are united and we have finally found our fighter,” DeSantis added.

Whichever candidate you may be supporting in the GOP primary, you can’t help but admit the ad is incredibly powerful and effective. The responses reflected that sentiment.

Political commentator Clay Travis declared, “This is the kind of ad that Republicans have to run to win in 2024.”

He added, “Suburban women, most of whom are moms or grandmoms, will decide the presidency.”

Courtney Holland, a Nevada-based political activist, was also seemingly inspired by the ad.

“Wow, this new ad from Casey DeSantis gave me chills,” she tweeted. “This is what happens when you poke the mama bears. They’re going to fight back.”

Another reader with over 75,000 followers was moved to tears by the video posted by Casey DeSantis. She also noted being weary from a long battle against the groomers and the LGBT mafia which has been allowed to proliferate in the Biden era.

“This is the first time in the history of ever that a political ad made me tear up,” she said. “It’s been a long 3 years.”

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Trying to Win Over Suburban Moms

The DeSantis campaign has been going hard in promoting the Florida governor’s credentials in fighting to protect children both in schools and from the government.

A page for “Mamas for DeSantis” states that they support the GOP contender’s efforts and they will “stand up for their children’s futures and put an end to the woke mob’s hostile takeover of the lives of parents, children, and families across the nation.”

It would seem like a winning message against a Biden administration that despises parents to the point where they tried to portray concerned ones as ‘domestic terrorists.’

The focus on children and school issues is an obvious effort to win support for DeSantis amongst suburban mothers – a voting bloc that Donald Trump has struggled with.

Despite that effort and the strong ad from Casey DeSantis, he remains well behind Trump in the polls.

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