Birthright citizenship is a hotly contested issue once again, following Donald Trump’s interview with Axios in which he posited the idea that he could do away with birthright citizenship via executive order. The ironic thing is, despite their bleating opposition now, major Democrats used to actually be in favor of this exact idea. That is, of course, until Trump brought it to the forefront.

Democrats used to be in favor of the revoking birthright citizenship

One of the major figures of the Democrat Party, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, was very outspoken about the importance of doing away with birthright citizenship – which he claimed was nothing short of a reward for being an illegal immigrant.

As with many things that Democrats used to be in favor of, such as securing the border, a strong military, and sensible tax reform, they used to be for the idea of eliminating birthright citizenship. They understood the burden unchecked immigration placed on the infrastructure in this country, the healthcare system, our schools, law enforcement, etc. And now they have forfeited those beliefs, for what? They have forfeited those beliefs because it’s becoming more clear by the day that they are no longer the party of the American citizen.

Democrats’ new take on birthright citizenship

Fast forward some 15 years and we can clearly see how far many Democrats have strayed when it comes to their take on the idea of birthright citizenship.

The question is why? Why are they suddenly so adamant about ensuring that those born here to illegal immigrant parents immediately become citizens? One can’t help but deduct that the biggest reason is that many Democrats see the waves of illegal immigrants flowing into this country as their next biggest voter base – essentially the illegals are the future of the party.

Democrats have played the identity politics game for decades. Going back to the Great Society under LBJ, they have isolated specific races and genders and exploited them for their vote by making promises they have failed to deliver. They constantly promise largess from the federal government to take care of inner city communities, they promise healthcare, they promise improved inner city schools, and time and time again we see those promises fall short.

As a result, many are waking up to the game the Democrats are playing hence why Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. This leaves the Democrats with only one option: demand the border be thrown wide open so they can import newly minted voters to their party.

And while some Democrats have come out strongly against Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship, one prominent Republican and Constitutional scholar has come out in favor of the plan. Ted Cruz explains:

“As a policy matter, President Trump is exactly right. Birthright citizenship doesn’t make any sense,” Cruz told Fox News’ Shannon Bream.

“What it ends up doing is incentivizing illegal immigration. We need to be securing the border and stopping illegal immigration.”

It’s refreshing to know that at least one person in Congress seems to understand the importance of dealing with the issue posed by birthright citizenship.

Trump’s plan for birthright citizenship

As with many things, President Trump just gets it when it comes to birthright citizenship. Unlike many prior Presidents and politicians, Trump is an outsider. His judgement isn’t clouded by the swamp that is DC, and in many instances he takes a more literal approach to interpreting the Constitution. After all, the Constitution was written for we the common folk to understand; you don’t need to have three law degrees and a doctorate to read one of our most important founding documents. And this literally drives the liberal elitists crazy. How dare this business man become President and then tell our elite lords and masters how he is going to use his executive powers to eliminate something like birthright citizenship?

Can Trump actually eliminate birthright citizenship with an executive order?

The jury is out when it comes to the citizenship status of children born to illegal immigrant parents. Some believe that the 14 Amendment was never written with this topic in mind and that there is no real prior precedent to go off of when determining whether or not children of illegal alien parents should indeed be granted citizenship. goes into great detail explaining context in which the 14th Amendment was adopted, and the fact that the author and legal scholars of the time made absolutely no mention about children born to those residing in the country illegally.

Should Trump eliminate birthright citizenship?

To put it bluntly, YES! Birthright citizenship is a direct burden to the homeland and every single citizen of this republic. When illegal migrant children are born here that child automatically becomes a citizen, and as a result there is often times a major push to ensure that their illegal immigrant parents remain here as well. After all we wouldn’t dare separate a child from their parents, although the real solution is simple – keep the family together by reunifying them in the country from which they originally came from.

Nonetheless, birthright citizenship places an overwhelming burden on the system because as the newly minted newborn American citizen grows up in the United States it becomes necessary to provide that child with a variety of resources including healthcare, schooling, and in some instances even welfare and food stamps if the parents aren’t bringing in enough money to support their family.

And who is left footing the bill? As with everything else the government spends money on, we the tax payers are left picking up the tab. So while we see the doe-eyed children crossing the border with their parents coming here breaking our immigration laws, remember that each and every illegal alien and subsequent child that is born here becomes the responsibility of the taxpayer. We taxpayers are left footing the bill for every generous program offered to the migrant children and their parents.

Remember this when you are sitting down in the evening at the kitchen table attempting to find a way to make ends meet. The government is taking a portion of the hard earned money, the fruits of your labor to support those who are coming into this country illegally, many of whom aren’t even coming here because they love this country, they are coming here because they see an opportunity to exploit everything this country has to offer.

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