Carly Fiorina Delivers a Terrific Line on Why She Would Make a Great President – WATCH!



It was just a few short days ago that presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, appeared on MSNBC and explained why she continues to call Hillary Clinton a liar – “Because it’s true.”

Fiorina, an exceptionally well-spoken Republican that most people agree won the debates last week, isn’t letting up any time soon.

She appeared on Hannity last night and explained three specific scenarios in which Hillary has been caught lying recently.

via Fox News Insider:

Carly Fiorina said on “Hannity” tonight that her statements asserting that Hillary Clinton is a liar have been proven correct.

“She has lied. And I think the more that we learn, the more we know that that’s true,” Fiorina said. “If you say you don’t have a server and you do, you lied. If you say you didn’t pass classified information and you did, you lied. If you say it was a video and it turns out to be a purposeful terrorist attack, which you knew at the time, you lied.”

And believe me, that’s a short list of lies that could have been cited.

Watch the segment below …

Fiorina also delivered a terrific line that defines exactly why a political outsider like herself would make a great President.

Hannity discussed a new poll which shows a vast majority of Americans from both sides of the aisle believe that professional politicians care more about retaining power than they do about solving America’s problems.

Fiorina responded, “That’s why I’m running for president.  I’ve concluded that all these people who have been in politics their entire life don’t know how to fix it.”

Well stated.

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Can you think of other instances in which Hillary Clinton has definitively lied about something? Coming under sniper fire comes to mind off hand. What others do you recall?

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