Campus Conservatives Celebrate Valentine’s Day With #BringDatingBack Campaign

It’s that time of year again! However, it can be hard to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day on college campuses, where love and romance are disdained. (Cards and flowers are out; a midnight showing of Fifty Shades of Grey with your ten closest girlfriends is in.) But a campus organization called the Love and Fidelity Network has had enough raunch, and members are actively encouraging fellow students to #BringDatingBack.


31 campuses will participate, according to Love and Fidelity.

The hook-up culture…has replaced real and genuine romantic encounters between college men and women. This year we’re launching our 2015 Valentine’s Campaign “Bring Dating Back” to aid students’ efforts to revive a dating culture on campus! College men and women have been telling us recently that they are eager to date, but are at a loss since there is no social script for dating on campus. We created this year’s poster campaign to help students out by giving them a few “tools” and a gentle push so they can learn first-hand that there are viable (and fun!) romantic alternatives to the world of hook-ups. And what better time for that reminder than Valentine’s Day?

During the week of Valentine’s students at 31 schools will plaster their campuses with 4 unique posters featuring “How to” messages about dating to encourage healthy, romantic interactions. The posters specifically highlight the importance of intentionality and getting to know each other in a casual setting.

Good for them. Hopefully, this campaign will help create more happy hearts this Valentine’s Day, and help heal some broken ones.

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