California Dreaming Turns Into California Nightmare As Crime Rate Soars

California Dreaming Turns Into California Nightmare As Crime Rate Soars

As crime in large California cities like San Francisco skyrockets, residents have been forced to rely on their own creativity when it comes to preventing crime.

One particularly laughable example comes from the Bay Area, where instead of demanding an end to car break-ins, people have begun to leave their car trunks open in order to prevent thieves from breaking windows. 

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New Era Of Crime

The lengths that San Franciscans are resorting to have left their fellow citizens and police incredulous.

One witness who watched someone leave their vehicle open like this had this to say on social media, “Imagine having to clean out your car and leaving it open in public, just so people won’t break your windows. Oakland we looking sad man.”

Police say that, unfortunately, they are not surprised by the drastic actions taken by citizens. Oakland Interim Deputy Police Chief Drennon Lindsey said, “It doesn’t really surprise me.” 

Lindsey also said that thieves are getting more technologically savvy, “Even if you think I’m just going to put my laptop in my trunk… if it’s on, they have technology to detect it in the car, even if it’s hidden.”

SFPD Deputy Police Chief Garret Tom agreed with Lindsey as he was showed a picture of open vehicles from a local reporter, “We’re in different times… that’s unbelievable.”

Not to anyone who has paid attention to the news lately!

San Francisco has seen a 32% uptick in vehicle break-ins since last year, and 25% rise in car burglaries. Police are seeing the same trends in nearby Oakland, where there is a 27% increase in break-ins and car thefts.


Elderly Asians Being Targeted

Ironically, the state that is ground zero for lecturing the rest of the nation about tolerance is seeing some vile anti-Asian crime.

Smash-and-grab gangs are watching the parking lots of Asian grocers, and waiting for elderly Asian women to take the day’s earnings to the bank. 

Police say the gangs have committed roughly 177 robberies in the span of a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Rosen said of the robberies, “It also affects people in the Asian American community who were not targeted, because it makes them fearful that they might be next.”

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About Face By Mayor Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (yes, that’s a real person’s name) quickly jumped onto the ‘defund the police’ bandwagon after the May 2020 death of George Floyd. In fact, the budget of the San Francisco Police Department by $120 million dollars in 2020. The money was ‘redirected’ to ‘addressing racial disparities.’

But in a pretty abrupt about-face, Breed has suddenly become “Dirty Harry,” and has appeared to discover that defunding the police does not work, and announced a major crack-down on crime in the city.

During her announcement this week, Breed said:

“What I’m proposing today, and what I will be proposing in the future, will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I don’t care. We are past the point where what we see is even remotely acceptable. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the bulls–t that has destroyed our city.”

And in a huge display of self-unawareness, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents San Francisco, said of the recent crime wave: 

“It’s absolutely outrageous,” Pelosi said. “Obviously it cannot continue. But the fact [is] that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from I don’t know where… and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm.”


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