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Buttigieg Wants to Add 5 Additional Far-Left Judges to Supreme Court

2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg has an idea on how to shift the current conservative direction of the Supreme Court: Add five more judges.

A profile on the South Bend, Indiana mayor in the Boston Globe profile on Saturday explained how his career was helped by his connections at Harvard

The policy detailed how Buttigieg’s Harvard connections helped boost his political career, also touching his idea for adding to the high court, something he also floated during a CNN town hall:

[Ganesh] Sitaraman, a constitutional law professor and longtime adviser to Senator Elizabeth Warren, inspired one of the few original policy proposals of Buttigieg’s candidacy thus far.

At the CNN town hall in March, Buttigieg floated his friend’s idea of transforming the Supreme Court by expanding the size of the court and directing the Republican-appointed justices and the Democrat-appointed justices to unanimously pick another five justices from the lower courts to join them. Sitaraman’s idea, which he published in the Yale Law Journal, is to depoliticize the court by forcing the court’s liberal and conservative members to agree on new judges. “If we want to save that institution, I think we better be ready to tune it up as well,” Buttigieg told voters in New Hampshire.

While Buttigieg says this plan would “depoliticize” the Supreme Court, this idea has been put out there by Democrats before – each time with the intent of reversing the impact of the conservative majority established thanks to the appointments of President Trump.

“The court-packing scheme is another sign that while some of Buttigieg’s policies strike a somewhat moderate tone — for example, he wants Medicare to be available to all, but not required for all — many of his ideas are staunchly left-wing,” Breitbart reports.

Whether this idea would have any legs remains to be seen, but we already know that Democrats will do anything they can to reverse Trump’s effect during his tenure – including radically restructuring the current system.

Will Democrats ever get their chance to wreak such havoc? Pete Buttigieg is betting on it.