Buffalo Wild Wings Refuses to Dump This Beer – When You Find Out Why You’ll Cheer

A customer at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, Washington, made a simple request – two beers, one Blue Moon and one Corona.

The problem? A state law prevents customers from ordering two beers at once, and the woman who made the request was alone.

She explained to her server, Brian Avey, that the Corona was not for her, but for her brother who had died serving in Iraq.

Avey relented, and the customer sat next to an empty seat, an empty place setting where the beer sat throughout her lunch.

The Buffalo Wild Wings worker explained in a Facebook post which has now been ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ over 100,000 times, that his business would be paying for the extra beer.

The appreciative guest who had lost her brother in Iraq, left a message on her receipt.


What happened after that was truly remarkable. Avey’s post explains:

When I brought her bill I told her Buffalo Wild Wings will be buying that beer… This is what she wrote on her credit card slip… After she left, I didn’t have the heart to dump the beer out and throw it away, so I put it on top of the cooler next the American Flag… When I showed my boss his response was Amazing… He said “That’s Fine, just do me a favor, put a fresh Lime in it Every Morning”…

KIRO-TV is reporting that “The beer now sits next to a flag in the restaurant, and Dan (bar manager) says they’ve been getting calls of thanks from all over the world.”

What an incredible story – a simple act of kindness means so much to so many people. A $3 beer becomes a viral message of military appreciation.

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