How bizarre is it that 100% of the criticisms of Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, have been that he’s too normal of a human being? I had to do a double take at the Associated Press’s latest headline about a “bombshell” story I can’t believe was actually reported.

Their scoop? That while Kavanaugh’s friends in college were interested in debate, Kavanaugh had an interest in basketball.

That monster.

Understandably, their tweet was widely mocked by others who couldn’t believe this was worth reporting.

If these kind of stories were a one-off kind of thing that would be understandable, but literally every criticism of Kavanaugh is of this variety.

The Washington Post infamously ran an expose that uncovered the “damning detail” that Brett Kavanaugh not only once had credit card debt – he then paid that debt off! He also purchased expensive baseball tickets with his own money, which was another detail we were supposed to recoil in horror at, apparently.

Kavanaugh also was criticized for having the name Brett, though you’d think the blame would be levied against his parents for that one. “We’ll be DAMNED if we’re going to let five MEN—including some frat boy named Brett—strip us of our hard-won bodily autonomy and reproductive rights,” tweeted the pro-choice organization NARAL, apparently unaware that it was an all-male Supreme Court which legalized abortion nationwide with Roe V. Wade.

I’d tell NARAL to grow up, but ironically they’re against that sort of thing.

Alleged comedian Stephen Colbert also jumped on the “I can’t believe his name is Brett” bandwagon for some reason. There are nearly 200,000 people in the United States with the name Brett.

Despite the lack of actual criticism, the Left has proven just how hysterical they are. Cory Booker said that those who vote to confirm Kavanaugh are “complicit in evil,” and sore-loser-in-chief Hillary Clinton said he’d take us back to the days of slavery. You know, if Kavanaugh had a pro-slavery stance, the media wouldn’t be digging at the bottom of the barrel for dirt on him.

If this is how desperate the Left is for dirt on Kavanaugh, it should come as a sign that there isn’t any. The outcries against Kavanaugh aren’t just weak – they’re revealingly weak.

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