Breaking: Trump Protesters Trying to Shut Down Trump International Hotel

Anti-Trump Protesters

Anti-Trump protesters are currently engaged in a protest that may be a prelude of things to come as the inauguration approaches.

They’ve crowded around Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. using with tried and true tactics they’ve used over the years –  chanting basic 3rd grade rhymes and shouting profanities in the middle of the streets.

Cause temper tantrums totally work, right?

The chants included references to the KKK  and fascism – a word they can barely spell, let alone define, and profanities including ‘f*** Donald Trump’ – more of a whine than an actual statement.

Via NTK Network:

Protesters unhappy with the election of Donald Trump are making their presence felt in Washington, D.C. just days ahead of the inauguration. A group protesters stormed the Trump International Hotel in Washington Tuesday night.

The protesters held signs that accused Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence of being illegitimately elected President, a notion perpetuated by top Democrats in recent days who are boycotting Trump’s inauguration.

One protester screamed, “Let’s shut that shit down,” as the protesters charged the hotel.

The protesters did not cross the police barricade around the hotel but began chanting obscenities, including “F*** Donald Trump!”

The protesters repeatedly chanted this truly deep and philosophical effort:

Night after night
Hour after hour
Stay in the streets
Don’t let TRUMP take power!

A fine effort, but more Seussian than Shakespearean, we’d say.

The best part of the clip is when the head protester – we’ll call him Thing 1 – stops the small crowd and leads them into a Braveheart-like charge toward enemy territory.

“I think what we should do,” Thing 1 bravely announces “is we should run up.”

“They’re going to freak out,” he said, likely snickering in his own mind.

At that precise moment, someone in the crowd lets out a screeching/howling call to war before another yells, “Shut that s*** down!”

The protesters then commenced in what could be defined as not quite a run or a charge, but more of a determined prance. As they bore down on the barricaded entrance, absolutely nobody on the police force freaked out as Thing 1 had predicted.

Not to be deterred, the anti-Trumpers went back to chanting things for no apparent reason and playing drums on 5 gallon trash cans.

No word on whether or not Trump decided to give up his position as President-elect at this frightening leftist show of farce.

Comment: What else will anti-Trump protesters do to try and stop the inauguration? Share your thoughts below.

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