Brad Paisley Whines To Chris Wallace About Being Attacked By Republicans For Supporting Ukraine

Brad Paisley Chris Wallace
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The country music star Brad Paisley sat down with the CNN host Chris Wallace this week to whine about being trolled online by a Republican for his support of Ukraine.

Paisley Discusses Ukraine Visit

Mediaite reported that Paisley visited Kyiv, Ukraine back in April, and during his time there, he met the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. There, Paisley also was given the opportunity to perform his new song “Same Here,” which is about the current situation in Ukraine.

“Proceeds from the single go to a program called United 24 which helps rebuild homes in Ukraine that had been destroyed by the war,” Wallace said. “I mean, you’re really personally committed to this, aren’t you?”

“I just was affected so much in the beginning that the next thing you know, and this has been the story of my life — you write a song, and it winds up leaving you places you never expected,” Paisley replied. “And so now having been there and taken the train ride and gone in, you know, in the cover of darkness and gone around the city and met people and watched as real life is happening in between the air raid sirens. Having seen that firsthand, I cannot believe that songwriting took me to a place like that.”

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Paisley Trolled Over Ukraine

Wallace then asked Paisley to perform part of “Same Here,” and the country music star explained that he “wrote it as a kid from West Virginia asking this question.”

Paisley sang the lyrics:

“How are things in California? I hear the traffic’s just insane. Blasted people and paparazzi. I know all the Left Coast cliches, but tell me. Is there a bar on your corner, where you buy each other beers, and solve all the world’s problems? Same here.”

That’s when Paisley shifted to whining about being trolled by a conservative online.

“And ironically, when the song came out, the day that came out on the one year anniversary, I was in California and I went to a bar in Summerland that’s called The Nugget,” he recalled. “It’s one of my favorite bars in the world. It’s this country bar in Summerland, California near the beach. And it was Ronald Reagan’s favorite bar.”

“So I took a picture holding a beer saying you know, (here’s to the people of Ukraine.) Yeah, here’s to Ukraine, this was Reagan’s favorite bar and you know,” he continued. “And the first thing under it was a troll saying Reagan would never be for Ukraine. I was like, what?”

Wallace replied by saying, “As somebody who covered Ronald Reagan for six years, this guy is talking nonsense.”

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Paisley Teamed Up With Jill Biden

In this same interview, Paisley was asked about teaming up with the leftwing First Lady Jill Biden to push COVID-19 vaccines back in 2021.

“That’s a very complicated thing,” Paisley replied, according to Mediaite. “I have really good friends that are incredible doctors at Vanderbilt, one of my closest friends in the world is a pediatric neurosurgeon. And that’s who I leaned on throughout the, the thing. And that’s why I got so involved in this is his, his studying of this and his explanation for where we would be without it.

“Based on the data that he was telling me about, and all of the research that I did with him, I felt like it was the right thing to do. And, you know, sometimes you do stuff like that, when you believe it,” he added. “Even if it’s not popular, I think you got to do it. And in that sense, it’s been fascinating though, to watch. And the folks who didn’t get it, it’s like, it’s okay. those of us who did, we, you know, we did what we did, you did what you did, and here we sit now, and we don’t have to wear that mask anymore. Thankfully.”

Sadly, like many entertainers, Paisley seems to have been hopelessly infected by the woke agenda. It truly is a shame that even the country music world is no longer immune to the disease of wokeness that has taken over so many other entertainment industries.

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