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Boy Scouts to Accept Female Scouts

Has rampant political-correctness now infected the Boy Scouts?

NBC reports that the Boy Scouts of America will now accept female scouts. From the report: “Starting next year, young girls can join Cub Scout units, known as dens. Local scouting organizations can choose to have dens for girls and dens for boys…. A separate program for older girls will be available in 2019, BSA said, enabling them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.”

The board of the organization voted unanimously to allow girls to join the century-old organization. The move was justified due to the “changing nature of American life.”

This surprising move comes nearly a year after the civic organization made the decision to allow transgendered boys to join their ranks.

If you think allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts is redundant, you’re not wrong. The Girl Scouts of the USA already exists. It’s the female equivalent of the Boy Scouts – except they sell better baked treats.

So why will girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts again? And what will these members be called? Girl Boy Scouts?

It doesn’t make any sense. But then again, nothing about liberal P.C. culture makes any sense either. It’s all a power-mongering war on language and meaning under the guise of compassion. What makes it even crazier is that the Girl Scouts of the USA are even accusing the Boy Scouts of trying to steal their members. Does the liberal madness ever end?

No. It doesn’t. And conservatives are sounding off about the Boy Scouts’ decision on Twitter:

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