‘Border Hispanics for Trump’ Campaigning for 2020

A group called “Border Hispanics for Trump” from the border town of El Paso, Texas, are campaigning hard to ensure the President is re-elected in 2020.

Not All Hispanics Are Leftists!

Ray Baca set up Border Hispanics for Trump to try and convert as many Latinos as he could to the cause of getting the President re-elected next year. He told CNN’s Nick Valencia that he is supporting President Trump because he is “the one who most closely represents my values… I mean supporting things that I support, like being against abortion, being for limited government involvement, being for border security.”

Baca fired back when Valencia tried to put the blame on Trump for the horrific attack in El Paso earlier this year, as the President said “racist things about the Latino community.”

“I just don’t think you can hold a president — or President Trump in particular — responsible for the actions of a single madman,” Baca replied.

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Winning the Latino Vote


Writing in The Federalist Papers, Carmine Sabia pointed out that 77% of Latinos identify as Christian, and therefore should be natural voters for the Republicans. Baca couldn’t agree more.

“We need to get our Hispanic brethren to quit voting Democrat simply because that’s what they have always voted,” he said.

Hispanic-owned businesses are also, in fact, growing at a record rate under the President’s leadership – in 2019, they saw a 49% jump in revenue.

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Border Hispanics for Trump also follows Latinos for Trump in the mission of encouraging Latinos across to the Trump cause. Latinos for Trump were recently refused help from the NYPD when they learned the violent leftist group antifa were planning to attend an event they organised in New York. It wouldn’t surprise me if Border Hispanics for Trump face similar issues from the deep state – minorities who try and bring themselves and their communities out of the iron grip of the Democrat party are never treated lightly!

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