Bongino Warns of Civil Unrest If Government Continues To Rob Americans Of Freedom Over Coronavirus Crisis

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino warned that Americans could rise up if federal and state governments continue to strip them of their freedom in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems a historic crisis has led many of our leaders to forget the phrase, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’

And that, according to Bongino, could lead to civil disobedience amongst the people.

“200-plus years of liberty [and] freedom are being flushed down the toilet almost overnight,” he warned. “Civil disobedience is about to make a bold comeback if something doesn’t change, STAT.”

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Liberty Taken

Bongino’s message was accompanied by a link to a story about a 12-year-old girl who was shooting baskets by herself in Little Rock, Arkansas, only to have local officials remove the hoop.

“The Constitution is NOT a suggestion!” he would later tweet.

But for some, it apparently is.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is facing calls for a recall vote after she issued a stay-at-home order that extended to private gatherings, regardless of size or relation.

Cops in Kentucky and Mississippi have been ticketing church-goers, thus forcing them to be quarantined for 14 days.

Florida and New Jersey have taken to using drones to break up gatherings that may be in violation of their social distancing edicts.

A man in Colorado was arrested in front of his daughter for daring to play catch in a nearly empty park.

Even residents in a California town have been fuming over an order to wear masks the moment they leave their homes.

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Civil Unrest

A Wisconsin state senator, in response to indefinite shelter in place orders, echoed Bongino’s comments.

“Every sickness and death is a tragedy, but so are businesses and livelihoods ruined by shelter in place orders,” Senator Duey Stroebel said. “Besides being counterproductive, indefinite sheltering orders will eventually lead to civil disobedience.”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote, “Decrees like those from the Michigan Governor’s office and their capricious enforcement run the risk of encouraging mass civil disobedience that will undermine the point of the orders.”

“Better – for reasons of public health and American constitutionalism – to treat Americans as responsible citizens,” they continued.

Power-hungry lawmakers are using the coronavirus and its associated fears as a means to – at least temporarily – rip freedom out from under the people. They’re smarter than you, they believe. You have to be told how to follow suggestions from medical experts.

This must end.

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