On Monday,  Mark Lopes, a former foreign policy advisor for New Jersey senator Robert Menendez, testified that his team, at the behest of the senator, wrote letters and made calls to foreign officials to advocate for visas for the girlfriends of wealthy donor Salomon Melgen.

Melgen is a close friend of Menendez and a rich Florida eye doctor who is accused of bribing the senator with expensive gifts and trips.

The media is not covering the Menendez case, but we are and this is huge. Senator Menendez is on trial for corruption, pay-to-play, and bribery. This case has been public since 2015, but it hasn’t seen the trial room until last week. Judge William Walls started off the proceedings in an argument with Menendez’s attorney and told him to “shut up.”

Like I said, this case is big, and keeps getting bigger.

Lopes’s testimony gives the prosecution direct evidence of a connection between Melgen and Menendez. This could be all that is needed to put the dirty senator in jail.

According to ABC News, “Under direct questioning from the government, former senior policy adviser Mark Lopes testified that Menendez emailed him in 2008 authorizing a letter of support from Menendez to be sent to consular officials regarding the visa applications of two sisters from the Dominican Republic.”

And here’s the kicker: One of those emails had the subject line, “Dr. Melgen’s request.”

BOOM. If you ask me, it looks like Menendez’s days as a free man are numbered.

Of course, the media is distorting the facts of the case to protect a Democrat. NBC actually labeled Menendez a Republican. Network producers probably thought they would get away with it, but they were caught and were forced to change it. The New York Times actually published an article about the trial, but the author didn’t mention what political party Menendez was part of until Kellyanne Conway complained and they added that he was a Democrat in the fourth paragraph of the story.

Menendez tried to get the trial postponed just in case there were votes he needed to make on the Senate floor but the judge said no dice.

No matter how many times he tries to avoid the long arm of the law, let’s hope justice is finally done to Menendez.

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