Bloomberg Challenges Sanders on His Heart Health

One paper labeled the fight, "Two old guys scream at each other over their arteries."

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When things are going badly in a political campaign the comms team will try to change the subject.

Despite his warchest, Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is not firing with all cylinders. His horrible debate performances mean his comms people have to get the electorate focused on something else.

It’s a stretch, but they decided to get in an argument with Bernie Sanders on heart health because Sanders had a minor heart attack in October.

Bloomberg should be staying in his so-called moderate lane and using his tons of cash to go after Buttigieg or Biden. Then, with the middle lane cleared he goes after Bernie. But no, they chose to go after an old guy on his health.

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So, the way this drill works is that you release your own health records first.

“Mr. Bloomberg underwent coronary stent placement for a blocked coronary artery in 2000,” a letter from his internist said. “He has not had a myocardial infarction, and cardiac stress testing has shown no evidence of damage to his heart. Heart function is normal, and exercise capacity is excellent.”

Then you challenge the other candidate to do what you did and if they don’t you imply they are hiding health information that puts them at death’s door.

“Releasing this single scientific number about heart health could start to put to rest any concerns about Senator Sanders’ secrecy about his recent heart attack,” Stu Loeser, a spokesman for Bloomberg said in a statement. “Mike Bloomberg’s doctor shared Mike’s number, will Senator Sanders ask his doctor to do the same?”

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Now that pressure is on Sanders and he can’t win on this question. His health numbers won’t be that good because of the October heart attack.

But if Sanders doesn’t release the less than shining numbers, he is then accused of a cover-up, and every time he sneezes, Bloomberg says Call the mortician.

So they will go back and forth for awhile on this until Bloomberg’s people think they can find greener pastures in another attack mode. Until then, yeah, old guys screaming about their blood pressure.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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