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After Her Son Shot Police, This Black Mother Has a STRONG Message for Black Lives Matter

black lives matter
Luz Rentas was angry when she found out her son and nephew had been involved in a police shooting.

Those “two punk kids,” as she called them, had fired on police officers responding to reports of gunshots, her own idiot son admitting, “I was shooting at you. F- you, police!”

But she also blamed Black Lives Matter, calling out the movement for inspiring the attack.

Via The Daily Caller:

According to police, Marquell Rentas, 17, and Trenton Nace, 18, opened fire on police officers early Friday morning by a cemetery in central Pennsylvania. Marquell’s mother, Luz Rentas, pointed a finger at Black Lives Matter in a statement released to news organizations over the weekend.

“I went to school with some of these cops. I know some of their parents and we all have respect for each other,” Ms. Rentas said, according to WGAL. Rentas went on to refer to the two teen — who are cousins — as “punk kids” who were influenced by Black Lives Matter, which she called an “irresponsible organization.”

“They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops,” Rentas said, according to WBTV. “The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they’re gonna pay for it.” Nace’s father also blamed Black Lives Matter for the teen’s attack.

Black Lives Matter denies all responsibility and claims they are only peaceful, but there can be no doubt that the BLM crowd has inspired violence and aggression against police. A movement that could have stood for some good has now become so grotesquely warped that people think it’s ok to take revenge against cops in the names of young dead black men.

Luz Rentas understands exactly the message they send to other young black men. It needs to be stopped as more and more bullets are shot and bodies pile up on both sides.

Do you think Black Lives Matter should be blamed for this police shooting? Sound off in the comments below!