Black Lives Matter Founder Admits ‘We Are Trained Marxists,’ Goal Is To ‘Get Trump Out’

Black Lives Matter Marxist

Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, just admitted that they are “trained Marxists” and that their goal is “to get Trump out.”

Cullors: “We Are Super-Versed On Ideological Theories” Of Marxism

Speaking to Jake Tapper on CNN on Friday, Cullors, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, said that “President Trump not only needs to not be in office in November,” but that “he should resign now.”

Cullors added that she thinks the President “is not fit for office,” and that what the Black Lives Matter organization is going to “push for is a move to get Trump out, while we’re also going to continue to push and pressure vice president Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization, that’s going to be important. But our goal is to get Trump out.”

In a re-surfaced interview from 2015, Cullors responded to a communist colleague, who was concerned that “there is a lack of ideological direction in Black Lives Matter that would allow it to fizzle out in comparison to Occupy Wall Street.” In response, Cullors said that the movement does actually have “an ideological frame,” and that herself and Alicia Garza, one of the other founders, “are trained organizers.”

In particular, she said that she and other Black Lives Matter leaders are “trained Marxists,” who are “super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

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BLM Is A Radical Movement!

This needs to be a wake up call for anyone on the moderate end of the political spectrum. Black Lives Matter are literal Marxists who want to forcibly remove our democratically-elected President now, defund our police forces, and want the destruction of  “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement,” as they admit on their site.

They are not some fluffy, cuddly people who just want to end “racism,” as they instead want to overthrow everything that we in the West hold dear. They must be held accountable.

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