Billionaire Warren Buffett Says Hillary Will Run For President; Maybe Romney Also

At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, Warren Buffett stated that Hillary Clinton will run for President and she will win.

“She’s going to announce as late as possible…. Hillary is going to win…. I will bet money on it.”

In 2008, the billionaire backed both Hillary and Obama. He has since shown his support to Hillary as the next President on Twitter by referring to her as #45.  The next President will be the 45th.

Buffett continues to be a vocal supporter of Barack Obama. With Obama’s failures piling up and very noticeable to voters, Clinton will have to run away from the Obama agenda, an agenda she once supported and served as Secretary of State.  This might put Buffet in the unusual position of balancing his support of both.

When asked about who will be the Republican nominee, Buffett failed to commit to one person. He said he thinks Mitt Romney may possibly run.

What do you think about Buffett’s statements? Will Hillary run? Will Romney run?

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