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Bill O’Reilly’s Ex-Wife Claims He Attacked Her After Caught on Inappropriate Phone Call

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been off  the air for weeks and is currently in the middle of multiple sexual harassment lawsuits. Now, a bombshell affidavit has been released, showing that his Maureen McPhilmy claimed O’Reilly assaulted her.

Bill O'Reilly Wife

The affidavit, which was produced and notarized in October 2011, claims O’Reilly “flew into a fit of rage” after she walked in on him during an intimate moment. That’s when things allegedly turned very ugly:

In an affidavit acquired by Jezebel, O’Reilly’s ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy, claimed she found the then-Fox News Channel anchor having phone sex in their bedroom in December 2009.

McPhilmy claims O’Reilly “flew into a fit of rage” after she walked in on him, slammed her into a wall and dragged her down a hallway.

She also claimed in the affidavit, according to Jezebel, that O’Reilly, who was still naked below the waist, dragged her down a flight of stairs into the kitchen, at which point a security guard saw the attack.

Via NY Daily News

The affidavit claims McPhilmy was dragged by the neck down the flight of stairs, as the ex-wife screamed that she was in pain. She declined to have that security guard report the incident to the police.

At least two former Fox News employees have accused O’Reilly of unwanted, inappropriate phone calls, including his former producer Andrea Mackris who was paid a $9 million settlement after some of those phone calls were recorded. Additional allegations were made by on-air reporter Juliet Huddy, who was paid $1.6 million in a settlement with Fox news’ parent company.

This sort of treatment of anyone – a coworker or spouse – is never appropriate. However, these are details that came out in a divorce proceeding and may only tell part of the story.

Things are still not looking for Bill O’Reilly after leaving his top-rated cable news show.

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